I’m Just Wondering Why Today

Why are the Democrats so determined to get Donald Trump out of the 2024 race? Don’t they know that half of those polled say they would “never” vote for him? He is their best candidate to run against.

Why are the Republicans so intent to get Joe Biden and impeach him? Don’t they know he is at 40% approval and the best candidate for them to run against? 

Why do anti Israel protesters keep tearing down signs and protesting by saying there is no proof? Yesterday we saw that young woman captured from the concert and lying face down on the truck half naked, was found in Gaza – beheaded. How do they think that happened? 

Why does it remind me of the old bible saying: “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

Why does the federal government think they can just keep spending beyond their income and pass the bill on to future generations? If you, me and local governments must budget and spend within, why can’t they?

Why doesn’t the media report news that can educate people instead of taking a side. As an example, do people know that China owns about $1 trillion dollars of our debt? Do we want to add to that? 

Why don’t we tell people that we are already spending fifteen cents of every tax dollar to pay interest on the debt and it is projected to increase to over 20 cents in the next decade. If we paid the debt off we would have twenty cents extra to argue about what to do with. We could have more programs or give it back to the taxpayer.

Why won’t the MSM cover the open border and allow the administration to tell us it is secure? 

Why did the FBI Director go before congress yesterday and say the terrorist threat to our country is at a “whole new level?” He knows that what is coming across that border can well be the next terror cell.

Why, at the same time, was the Homeland Director saying he didn’t know how many crossed the southern border? He was told it was over 6 million and couldn’t say if any were terrorists. 

Why don’t we ever learn about the border? Remember in 1978 Fidel Castro’s boat lift of released prisoners to the U.S.? Now we have Venezuela doing the same, and we cover our eyes? 

Why is it close to a month since the October 7th attack that our administration still says we don’t know how many Americans may be held hostage? I’m sure families have reported missing individuals. What are they hiding? 

Why are we continuing to get our troops in the area attacked, 27 times now, and doing nothing? How come some people never learn appeasement does not work? 

Why didn’t the MSM report today that President Biden, as V.P., used three alias names to send emails? Isn’t it interesting that one of the three was “Big Guy”? The same reference his brother and son used about some “funding for?”

Why didn’t the MSM think this was news as part of the 82,000 document release? In one text message sent on May 20, 2017, a business associate named James Gilliar messaged Mr. Bobulinski to warn him, “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face. I know u know that but they are paranoid.” Bobulinski responded: “Ok they should be paranoid about things.”

So Many Why’s.

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