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The Issue Is Aid

The House is going to vote on the administration’s request for a $14.3 billion aid package for Israel. 
That’s good right? Well it depends on where you stand. Let me explain.
The administration wants the whole package as one ($100 Billion) to cover Israel, Ukraine and the border funds (for processing). The Senate led by Democrats intends to pass the full bill. The House, only Israeli funding as a start. 
Question 1: Should each of these be considered separately or all three together? 

Then the House wants the funding to be offset by cuts elsewhere, not to increase the $33 trillion dollar deficit. 
Where do they want the $14 billion for Israel (the first they intend to pass) to cut from? 
Answer: From the $80 billion that was passed for additional IRS agents in the Inflation Reduction Act that passed. Remember that?
Question 2: Should we increase the deficit by $14 billion or cut new IRS spending by that amount?

Democrats are livid at the new Speaker Johnson at this. They want the whole package passed and new spending allocated to pay the $100 billion. Some comments:
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that Johnson is “playing political games with Israeli emergency funding.”
Sen. Ron Wyden, called it an “absolute nonstarter” and accused Republicans of prioritizing “giveaways to wealthy tax cheats.” 

Each citizen (and voter) should decide where you stand on this. 
As for me:
I think each additional funding request should be considered separately. 
I want Israel to pass today. I want to understand what Ukraine will do with another $60 billion, and I want any border funding to go to closing the crossing, not processing illegal crosses quicker. 
On question two:
I want to offset spending. I do not want to just keep piling on the deficit at record levels. 
You decide where you stand.

Political News

Keep a watch on the House for another reason. There are three resolutions up for a vote this week — on censuring Reps. Tlaib and Greene  and expelling Rep. George Santos.
Should be fascinating to see how representatives vote.

The War Front

The Israeli troop strategy that is coming apparent is fascinating. They appear to be encircling Gaza City. 
This allows them to move on Hamas still in the area and try to rescue as many hostages as possible.

In a survey released by the WSJ poll there were these results.
48% of Democrats said the U.S. has a responsibility to support Israel in the conflict.
53% of Independents said we do.
64% of Republicans said we do.
I can’t help but think that twenty years ago those numbers were reversed. What happened?

Meanwhile, the calls for a cease fire continue, and Benjamin Netanyahu addressed it yesterday. He said:
“Calls for a cease-fire are calls for Israel to surrender to Hamas.”

Happy Halloween To All.

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