We Take An Action…

U.S. Bombs Drop In Syria

After 19 attacks and 21 of our troops injured, the U.S. took action last night with two bombings of Syria terrorists.
Now here’s the question: 
Does Iran and its lackey terror groups see this action as a warning and a determined President to defend its people and nation; or do they view it as a weak reaction to two weeks of their attacks and something he (Biden) had to do? 
If they see it as the former, they will back off and be careful of what they do and tell Hezbollah to do the same in northern Israel. 
If they see it as the latter, we’ll see more attacks in a few days, as they’ll wait and allow the President to get his due, then resume their activity, believing the President is weak and not ready to defend.

Watch what happens. War and Peace, the lives of many are riding on the outcome. 

By the way, the administration continues to soft pedal with Iran and their involvement with October 7th. 
They should read the WSJ, which had this news: 
“In the weeks leading up to Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack on Israel, hundreds of the Palestinian Islamist militant group’s fighters received specialized combat training in Iran, according to people familiar with intelligence related to the assault. About 500 militants from Hamas and an allied group, Palestinian Islamic Jihad.”


Yesterday we told you to watch how the Democrats are going to open up on the new House Speaker and his record. It didn’t take long, and if you watched or read anything from the MSM, you saw it all day. 
There’s no let up today. In addition to abortion, marriage, gay rights, the 2020 election and other charges yesterday, the NYT introduces a new one today. 
“Mike Johnson has doubted climate science, opposed clean energy and received campaign contributions from fossil fuel companies.”
The message from the left and MSM seems to be this:
Speaker Johnson wants to force you to be born, then not be who you are, deny your rights and kill you with the climate. 
Notice they have not touched race yet. Know why?
You see, the Speaker and his wife adopted a minority child when they were married, and he has written about the differences in opportunity for his adopted and birth sons. 
Did the MSM tell you that?
One more thing on the new speaker:
Good old Matt Gaetz didn’t do enough damage by recalling the speaker. He called the new speaker “Maga Mike” immediately after his win, proud of his positions. The Democrats, led by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, now refer to the speaker as “Maga Mike.” 

President Biden, you may recall, announced the Democrats will break with tradition and not recognize New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary. Instead, he said that South Carolina would be first.
Now this flies against New Hampshire’s state statutory requirement to hold its primary first. Until today it didn’t matter.
What changed?
Rep. Dean Phillips (Minn.) is in New Hampshire to announce he is running in the Democratic primary. 
His concern is that “Trump could win the presidency again if Biden is the nominee.” 
He also said this:  
“I think President Biden has done a spectacular job for our country, but it’s not about the past. This is an election about the future.”
Now, the DNC says it doesn’t matter.
If N.H. holds a primary before S.C., the delegates will not be seated. 
Phillip’s response is this:
“Among you, the great people of the State of New Hampshire, who have been the first to vet presidential candidates for over one hundred years and whose motto ‘Live Free or Die’ speaks for all of America. I invite you to join me in declaring a NEW AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE — not from another nation or people — rather from fear and from the status quo.”

Let’s see how this plays out and what kind of coverage it gets today and over the weekend. 


We note all the time how biased the MSM in print and on the air are in their coverage.
Well here’s a report on late night comedians and their joke focus in the two weeks since the strike ended.
There were 319 jokes about the former President Donald Trump and current Rep. George Santos on one side.
There were 47 jokes about the current President, Senator Menendez, and Rep Bowman.
85% of the jokes about Presidents were about the former President and 15% on the current one.
There were more jokes about George Santos than President Biden.
And don’t forget that Senator Menendez and Rep Bowman (of fire alarm fame) certainly offered opportunity.

Doesn’t that just about sum up the MSM?

Onto The Weekend.

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