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First on the Middle East

Doesn’t it seem you are hearing more and more about Iran, even from the administration?
Secretary Blinken, in a tense United Nations meeting, warned Iran, after Tehran raised the risk of a larger Middle East conflict in recent days by “unleashing the regional militias” it has spent years building and arming.
Now, what’s interesting is that for more than six months these groups refrained from launching drones or rockets against U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria, as part of what appeared to be an undeclared truce between our nations.
However, that ended last week when Iran-backed groups launched at least a half dozen military drone and rocket attacks against bases that U.S. troops use in southeast Syria and in western and northern Iran.
So we warn, they attack and when we do nothing, they do more.
As stated here many times, appeasement does not work. They only know strength.

We need more from the President than “Don’t.”

News Outside The Middle East

I think the Ready, Shoot, Aim House Republicans finally have someone they can vote for today. We’ll see.
Yesterday, when former President Trump shot down their fourth choice Tom Emmer, it was because he (Emmer) voted to sustain the 2020 election, and for the former President that is a cardinal sin. 
That’s a great idea, go into 2024 trying to convince people that 2020 was a fraudulent election. 
You know what was wrong with 2020? Donald Trump. In a year of covid and people at home,, he told Republicans not to vote early or by mail. He gave the Democrats a three month advantage. 
Then he showed up at debate one and instead of letting his opponent speak and be exposed, he interrupted every sentence and lost the debate. Then he (Trump) cancelled debate two. Donald Trump lost because of himself. 
In two weeks, Virginia Governor Youngkin is working to turn the Va. House and Senate and pushing early voting. He has warned the party, if they don’t play the game, they won’t win. 
Pretty simple.
As for Speaker designate Johnson, he is known to be a Trump ally and was a staunch defender of the former president during the impeachment hearings. He also led the amicus brief, signed by more than 100 House Republicans, in support of a Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn the 2020 election results in four swing states.

Johnson should be a good face forward for the party. He speaks well and has a calmness about him. It should be noted that he is from Louisiana. If elected, the number 1 and 2 slots (Steve Scalise is # 2), for Republicans in the House would be from Louisiana. That is a very unusual and rare occurrence. 

Speaking of Donald Trump, if you are following his trials, there were interesting developments yesterday. 
A third attorney for him, fighting the 2020 election, recanted and pleaded guilty yesterday in Georgia. Think about that. A third attorney says she was wrong that the election was not stolen. She tearfully made her plea, and it was sad to see. 
Then the story broke this AM that his former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, this morning had agreed to a deal to testify and will not be indicted. The story is, he (Meadows) knew the election was not stolen and told people in the White House. 
But don’t worry, Trump forced a potential speaker out who voted to certify. 
The second story is about his trial in New York on overstating his assets. 
As I watch this trial, I have become convinced that if he had a jury trial that they would find him not guilty. Watching Michael Cohen yesterday just added to that thought. He testified Trump said he was worth more than Forbes said and he (Cohen) should fix the numbers.  “My responsibility, along with Allen Weisselberg, predominantly, was to reverse engineer the various different asset classes — increase those assets — in order to achieve the number that Trump had tasked us with,” Cohen said. 
Umm, Mr. Cohen, you are an attorney doing books, if you are asked to do something wrong, then refuse or resign. It’s that simple. 

And, did you see candidate Perry Johnson, a Michigan businessman who was self-financed, withdrew from the race and endorsed Donald Trump?
Johnson blamed the Republican National Committee rules for his failure to gain traction.
He follows Republicans Francis Suarez and Will Hurd, who previously quit the race.
More need to. Republicans need one alternative to the former President.

This from Politico needs no explanation to long time readers of this blog.
Sens. JOE MANCHIN (D-W.Va.), JON TESTER (D-Mont.) and SHERROD BROWN (D-Ohio), considered the three most vulnerable incumbents next year, are making moves to separate themselves from Biden. And they might align with Republicans on some hot-ticket policy matters: Tester and Brown are considering joining Manchin in support of legislation to re-freeze $6 billion in Iranian money. They’re calling for Biden to step it up on securing the southern border. And some of them are staking out independent ground on energy, a bank data collection rule and more — though they emphasize their decisions are about policy, not politics.

Will it work for them? Well remember, you CAN fool some of the people ALL the time.

Roe v. Wade is gone, but abortions are on the rise.
This is an interesting stat that I bet you haven’t heard on the MSM. In the 12-month period since June 2022, when the Supreme Court overturned the landmark ruling, 183 more abortions were performed on average every month compared with the prior year, according to WeCount, an abortion-data project sponsored by the Society of Family Planning, which supports abortion rights. The high court’s decision eliminated the constitutional right to the procedure and paved the way for some 16 states to place limits on timing or ban abortions.
Yet, the Democrats continue to run on this as if no one can get an abortion.

Reminder: Appeasement Does Not Work.

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