Hostages (A Few) Released…

Hamas released two more hostages, making four in the two weeks since the October 7th attack.
The coverage is vast as the battle for the minds, coverage and world view is underway.
The four released were women, which shows Hamas knows the difference between combatants and citizens.
What the release does is raise world concern for the 200 remaining. Show the hostages are real people. Build demand for Israel to hold off on their counter attack. Give the demonstrators more fuel to demand a cease fire and negotiated agreement.
So what’s wrong?
How about stories, pictures and information on the 1400 who were slaughtered? Have we forgotten them?
This is not about four released hostages, but the actions that took place October 7th. Did we forget the murdered? Do we not tell their story?
Do we let this linger so they can do it again? Did we forget “never again?”

Yes, we want every hostage back, but not through weakness, which will lead to more attacks, additional death and more upheaval.
Appeasement does not work with those committed to the death of societies they do not approve of.

If we worried about possible hostages in WWI or WWII, would we be here today?
War is hell and we want the wisdom to never start one, but when you are attacked and your future threatened, you must act.
We need leadership today, and if appeasement leadership is what you’re okay with, then you own what will happen in the future, because security is not a part of it.
Appeasement is seen as weakness and an opportunity for those wanting to destroy you to do more.

If we are holding Israel back, we are wrong. They have a right to make a decision in their best interests today.
If they want to act based upon their “never again” founding we should not be standing in their way.
Let’s remember that these two hostages are going home, but 25% of the population where they lived were killed. Their lives mattered too.

Peace Is Achieved Through Strength.

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