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Since the October 7th attack the President has said the right things about supporting Israel and assuring they have what they need to defend themselves. His trip there, though symbolic, was meaningful to the people of Israel, in a time they needed it. I give him full credit for standing tall with Israel.

The speech last night was a little disjointed to me. Going back and forth between Israel and Ukraine was not what I expected or understood. What I was looking for was moral clarity and American strength.

What I would liked to have heard:
In life there are consequences for your actions. Whatever has happened, or does happen, from October 8th forward is owned by Hamas as a result of their attack. No country set out to kill children, women and innocent citizens other than Hamas on October 7th. The resulting action to protect people in the future is Hamas’ fault and there should be no moralizing beyond what Hamas did.
Thirty-two of my fellow American citizens were murdered by the Hamas action. It is the worst terrorist act against our citizens since September 11, 2001. We cannot accept that, and Hamas must pay. These citizens did nothing wrong, they were visiting relatives, bringing parents and grandparents home and having children visit. Hamas owns everything that happens now.

In addition, hostages were taken. Eleven of them are American citizens. We do not accept that act. If any hostage is harmed, Hamas and anyone supporting them will pay. Every hostage is a child, parent or relative, who did nothing wrong; they were not combatants.

We have been asked by the U.N. to support humanitarian aid. I am going to ask congress to approve $100 million dollars, but not a single penny will be allocated until the safe return of innocent hostages and I know the aid will reach people in need and not support Hamas and terrorists.
Hamas owns the situation in their country now.

In addition, let this be a warning to nations who are thinking about expanding this action. There have been attempted drone attacks against American bases and interests. I have moved three U.S. aircraft carriers into the area. I have done so to protect U.S. citizens, soldiers and interests.
I believe Israel can handle their own military situation and we will not stop them against any nation that chooses to attack them.
We have tried reason and appeasement and it has been seen as weakness. This time, we will not stop. The carriers will be there to support our interests and if needed, for any reason. I will not hesitate to protect our people.

In war, truth is often the first casualty. We saw that this week. The lie perpetuated that Israel bombed a hospital is an example. It was not Israel, it was the Islamic Jihad, a part of Hamas who misfired a weapon. To have so many believe this lie is a real concern. There have been shelling of hospitals and civilian areas, without warning, but they have come from Hamas and their supporters. I urge everyone to get the facts before believing every rumor.

You get the idea of what I was looking for. He could have moved on to Ukraine from there, but it’s time to stand tall. Appeasing does not work.

Here’s one more action that could have been. This would have taken political courage to do.
We know where the funds for these terror activities are coming from. Iran has generated over $100 billion in oil revenue as we eased restrictions and cut American production. Tonight I am announcing we will reverse those policies and make America free of foreign dependence and reapply restrictions. We tried other actions and all we have are dead citizens of our nation and the world.
(To all the climate readers who say “oh no” I ask you again. What’s the difference if we produce the oil and not Iran or Russia? We don’t use one barrel more or less, it just comes from us – and is cleaner! So until you explain that, keep your comments to yourself.)

In the end, my assessment is the President has made Israel feel secure and better and that is good. 
I just don’t see the leadership we need to stop the decline in world security evident today. 
In three years we will have a war between Ukraine and Russia. The Middle-East blowing up. 
Attacks on our interests in Yemen, Lebanon and elsewhere. 
China flexing its muscle and deciding on how far to go.
North Korea is back to testing long range missiles.
And a border wide open where we have no idea on who is coming into our country.
This is not leadership and security.

And the Ready, Shoot, Aim Republican House still founders.

The Weekend Is Worth Watching Closely.

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