A World Out Of Control…

When They Can’t See The Truth

We should all be concerned about our nation and world situation and where we are headed. 
How often did you ask while studying world history in its darkest moments, and wondering what were these people thinking about? 
Well, we are living in one of those moments. 

Hamas came across a border and slaughtered over a thousand individuals.
They cut a nine month old baby from a womb and killed it. They beheaded young children and babies. They made parents watch their small children murdered. They made older children watch their parents murdered. They raped alive and dead people. They made families give each other a last hug and killed them in that position. 
Horrors and inhuman actions that would make anyone sick, upset and ask the question – how could they?

Yet, in our nation, on college campuses, Capitol Hill, at rallies, on the streets and around the world, we see demonstrators for the perpetrators.
The demonstrators deny the actions committed happened. 

They do this denial despite cameras worn by the attackers to record their actions.
They can see the film. They can see the photos.
They can see the written instructions to do exactly that. 

Someday future generations will ask the questions you did about the past – what were these people thinking?

Then we have the hospital incident. Hamas immediately blames Israel. The world accepts the word of these murderers and liers. 

Within an hour Israel says no, we did not, and proceeds to provide evidence that it was Islamic Jihad, part of Hamas. The bomb came from within. Included was a conversation between Islamic members discussing what happened – as soon as it did. 
Where’s Hamas proof?
What, no Israel bomb fragments? No video? No ground crater from the bomb? 
Nothing? That’s right, because it was an errant fire by their own people. 

Yet, the Media ran with the Israel did it story, as soon as Hamas said they did. The demonstrations, the street activity in our nation and globally goes on as if Israel did it.
The lack of proof from Hamas and the clear proof from Israel that they didn’t do it, doesn’t matter. 

The future question again, what were these people thinking? 

Makes you wonder if people in our nation have simply come to believe what they want. After all, “hands up, don’t shoot” was a lie and has been used ever since to justify street riots.
Is this more of the same?
What were these people thinking?

Add this. We know the real culprit. Iran. It’s been Iran since 1979, yet, we continue to fail to even mention them. Does President Biden and this administration know how to say their name? Iran certainly knows how to threaten us. Is this the blind eye to Germany that led to WWII once again?
What were these people thinking?

Finally, 146 Democratic Congressional members cannot condemn Iran? Really? What do they have to do for you to stand for America?
What were these people thinking?

Really, What Are They Thinking?

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