Why Is The President Going To Israel

I don’t understand why the President is announcing he is going to Israel tomorrow.
I hope it is not to talk Israel into a lesser action than they planned. The longer the delay in reaction to the attack they suffered, the more the anti Israeli forces build momentum on the “find a solution without bloodshed” argument.
Not this time.
Next time is too late, and every time we extend what must be done it gets harder.
I repeat my opinion that some never learn that appeasement does not solve the issue, it only makes it more difficult and bloody when you have to deal with it.
Hamas did this. Hamas must be dealt with. If you doubt that, consider this.
The neighboring countries like Egypt refuse to let any refugees in, why?
Because they want nothing to do with Hamas and those who support them. Think about that. Now is the time to deal with them; we know what they are and what they will do.

In the north, Iran and its lackey, Hezbollah, are dropping bombs and missiles on Israel for one reason. To provoke them so they can blame Israel for their action. If you don’t deal with them, you will have to tomorrow. History is full of that lesson.

So, if President Biden is going there to talk Israel out of its stated mission, that is not good news for the future. It won’t be as easy to deal with Hamas now as it was in the past, but it also won’t be as difficult as it will be down the road.

The President’s visit before the counter begins makes me stop and wonder.

The Ready, Shoot, Aim House

Today I am guessing the Ready, Shoot, Aim House Republicans will elect a speaker. My gut says it will take more than one round of votes, but they know they have to get this done.
They may elect one, but the bitterness inside the party against the original gang of eight will be long lasting, and the damage they did to themselves will be felt at the ballot box.

That’s The Top Of The News Today.

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