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Israel continues to hold back, and I wonder if it’s concern over the safety of the hostages or pressure from outside forces over fear of a larger conflict.

If it’s concern over Iran, I think that’s unfortunate. Iran is the lead sponsor of terrorism, and for 50 years we have allowed them to grow bigger while trying to appease. They will not be weaker in five or ten years. The time to look them in the eye and stare them down is now.

This administration has allowed them to grow and feel emboldened. Here’s all the proof you need:
They are producing and selling 3.15 million barrels of oil per day. 
When they were under sanctions from the Trump administration, in 2020, they fell to a 40 year low of production. 
Every barrel is a dollar gain for Iran, and we are choosing to support Iran and Russian production over our own. 
Someone needs to explain this to me. 

Then I watch John Kirby on the Sunday shows defending the non-freezing of the 6 billion dollars, with his “we are watching the funds like a hawk” statement. Why watch when you can freeze and reverse a mistake?
Here’s another quote from him:
NOT ONE DIME of it has been spent, and even if they had accessed it, it wouldn’t go to the regime. It would go to approved vendors that we approved to go buy food, medicine, medical equipment and agricultural products and ship it into Iran directly to the benefit of the Iranian people.”
As if they wouldn’t take the funds they would have spent internally and move them to terror activity.
Are people that dense they can’t figure that out?

I see where the proud sanctuary cities continue to eat crow as the border crisis reaches them and not just the border states. Here’s Mayor Adams of the proud sanctuary city of New York.
He has asked a court to suspend the city’s mandate to shelter migrants.
Oh, really Mayor, it’s an issue for you now, but when Texas has it they are just uncaring people?
What hypocrisy.

Does it seem like there are more worker strikes in the nation today than there has been in a while?
Well your instinct is right:
The number of workers on strike has increased nearly 10-fold since 2021, according to the Cornell data. 
Jan. 1 to Oct. 11, 2021: 188 strikes involving about 47,800 workers.  
Jan. 1 to Oct. 11, 2022: 345 strikes involving about 126,800 workers. 
Jan. 1 to Oct. 11, 2023: 318 strikes involving about 468,200 workers.

Let’s see, add that to the border as a recognized issue now. There are wars between Russia and Ukraine and Israel and Hamas. There was the failed Afghanistan withdrawal. China is on the move. Bidenomics is not working. What is the case for reelection?

How much is a postage stamp today; do you know? They create forever stamps and people have no idea. That makes it easier to raise the price as the U.S. Postal Service wants to do it for the third increase in a year. 
The new postal service proposed price is 68 cents. (Up from .66 cents today)

Then there’s the Ready, Shoot, Aim party. 
Tomorrow they will try again to find a speaker. In a time of crisis, what a way to shoot yourself. Well done Republicans in the House. Hope that Matt Gaetz and Rosendale are proud of what they did.
By the way, here’s a little history of the one person who can generate a speaker recall vote:
It was considered a privileged motion prior to 2019, empowering one lawmaker to call the vote. 
After two GOP speakers, John A. Boehner in 2015 and Paul D. Ryan in 2018, were threatened with it and ultimately left office before being thrown out, Rep. Nancy Pelosi pressed for a rule change when she took the gavel in 2019. The Democrat-run House then required the support of a majority of the chamber to call the vote to vacate the chair.
After Republicans captured the House in 2022, Mr. McCarthy won the gavel in January following a historic 15 ballot rounds. To secure enough votes, he had to promise hard-line conservatives, including Mr. Gaetz that he reverted to the one-member threshold.
Ready, Shoot, Aim.

Let’s See What Today Brings.

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