Just A Few Short Thoughts…

In The Middle East

We fully suspect that over the next day the ground assault by Israel will begin. The death and carnage we will see and hear about this weekend will be hard to witness.
Let’s pray for all involved and hope this time is the last time.
As for protesters in the United States and elsewhere, Hamas owns this, end of story.

In The Congress

If 90+% of a party can agree on a leader and direction, and the remaining few can still put the nation in turmoil, then something may need changing in your selection system.
The original gang of eight who went after Speaker McCarthy should pay a price for their vindictiveness with no plan after they caused the chaos.
Why does any single congressional person think what they want warrants stopping government function in this time of budget and world crisis?

Politics Of It All

Time will judge how this plays out politically. The administration has been all over supporting the Israelis as this unfolds. Secretary Blinken was emotional and heartfelt yesterday. It seems the animosity with Benjamin Netanyahu seems to have been forgotten. It’s about time.
But this has a long road to travel, and I think the Iran issue will rear its head as this unfolds.
We are also hearing from American citizens asking why other countries sent planes to rescue their situations and we haven’t yet.
For now we need to stay united and focused on Israel’s mission to eliminate Hamas, while watching Hezbollah in the north.
Then former President Trump managed to inject himself with an ill statement that drew this statement from Israel’s communications Minister: “shameful that like that, a former US President abets propaganda and disseminates things that wound the spirit of Israeli’s fighters and its citizens.”
Some things never change.

Stay Tuned To The News This Weekend.

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