We Were Clear Where We Stood Yesterday…

Let’s Pick It Up From There

As we learn of the long time secretive planning that went into the attack on Saturday, does anyone in this administration consider this? 
The border is wide open. Don’t you think that the terrorists were sure the U.S. would back Israel? 
Do you think maybe they sent people here to be ready, if needed, based upon our response? 
If you don’t think we are in more danger today than we have been in a long time, then I think you are naive. 
These terrorists hate Israel first and America right after. 

Next, don’t they realize that we are funding Iran and the terrorists through our policies? 
How? Start with oil. 
The administration proudly cut pipelines and drilling in the U.S. They sought oil from elsewhere. Who’s a beneficiary of that? Russia and Iran. 
Instead of cutting off terrorist nations, we funded them. 
We didn’t use less oil. We just stopped drilling our own and bought it from terrorists. 
We are funding both wars with higher barrel prices. 
Can you tell me how that makes any sense? 

Then add this.
We may well be heading for a world crisis with oil now. Guess what?
Our strategic reserve is down 60% because this administration is trying to keep prices down – because of their poor policy. They have released the reserve to serve their purposes and not what it was created for.
How does that make you feel?
Where is the media telling you this?

I watched the National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, on September 29 actually say this: 
“The Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades.” A week later we have this. The National Security Advisor. 
Does that make you feel like this administration knows what it is doing? 
Does it make you feel safe? Have confidence in this leadership?

And by the way, neither the President nor his team can mention Iran out loud yet. They will never learn that appeasement doesn’t work. It’s in their DNA. 
John Kirby and aforementioned National Security Advisor, when asked, both said, “we can freeze the $6 billion at any time.”
Oh really? What are you waiting for then? 
You won’t freeze it, you’re too woke, you’re appeasers and leading this country into peril. You’re too scared.
You’re the Neville Chamberlains of our day. 

Then there were the immediate reactions, tweets and quotes from people like Secretary of State Blinken.
His reaction was we need a cease fire and negotiation. Oh, they attack, kill over a thousand, behead children, shoot babies and that’s your reaction?
My feeling is exactly with the WSJ editorial that said this:
“The time for a ceasefire is when Israel has defeated Its enemies.”
Not one second before.

One thing on the left media. MSNBC is actually getting attacked by people who “love” their biased coverage.
Here’s a great example from Anti-Defamation League director Jonathan Greenblatt. An MSNBC “lover.”
He accused the station, on their air, of downplaying Hamas terrorism.
Noting he has “family in Israel right now under siege and being deployed to the front lines, I have staff who can’t locate their family; I have friends who are gone.”
He added, “While I am sad and trying to cope, I’ll be honest: I am angry. I am angry with the world that allowed the dehumanization of Israelis and sanitized the terrorism of Hamas.”
He then asked on their air: “Who’s writing the scripts?” 
I have been wondering about that myself for years now.

Take a look at this Gallup poll results yesterday:
Though he failed to mention Iran the President was steadfast in supporting Israel.
However, the party is in question.
Gallup” “After a decade in which Democrats have shown increasing affinity toward the Palestinians, their sympathies in the Middle East now lie more with the Palestinians than the Israelis, 49% versus 38%.”
What a far cry from a few decades ago. 
If you haven’t heard or seen them, take a look at what the Squad members are saying, and the flags outside their offices.
Now, someone tell me why our fellow Jewish citizens still vote Democratic.

One question to close this out. If Hezbollah strikes Israel from the north while Hamas does from the south, can Israel fight both at once? Can they win and survive?
If that happens, what is America’s role? Are we going to send troops? What happens?
All the more reason we should have taken care of this when we could, and why appeasement and weakness does not work.

Meanwhile the Republicans are in closed session still unable to agree on a new leader, which just makes the folly of that move by the gang of eight ever more ridiculous.

The News Is Not Good.

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