Wrapping It Up…

Quick Thoughts For The Weekend

Let’s start with this.
We rail here often about the uncontrolled spending and ask, why are we driving the nation into financial ruin?  Well, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected that annual net interest costs in 2024, on the debt, will be $745 billion dollars. 
That’s $745 billion dollars of our tax dollars that does nothing except pay interest on what we borrow. 
To make it worse the CBO said that amount will double to $1.4 trillion in 2033 and add $10.6 trillion over that period.
When you hear of $2 trillion additional debt as if it is nothing, think about the debt and interest.
We need more of us to stand up and say – Stop – not only balance the budget, but pay down the debt, reduce the interest costs. Free the tax dollars up – maybe even give it back to the people who are paying it.

How come the President is so worried about other people’s debt and not the nations?
This week he signed off on $9 billion more for us relieving student debt. Where does he think the money is coming from?

Another issue we have railed on is why this administration is pushing us to electric vehicles and not what seems natural, to hybrids easing to electric.
It makes no sense, and when we saw Ford’s sales and earnings report yesterday, it was clear again.
Here’s their top-line:
Ford total sales were up +7.7%. Hybrid sales were up 41.4%.
We are ready for hybrids, why is our leadership so blind?

Here’s one answer as to why they are so blind.
Think of the higher interest rates and its impact on housing.
V.P. Kamala Harris was asked why the economy is in trouble with home sales dropping to a 14-year low and mortgage applications at a 27-year-low.
Her answer: 
“Young leaders” suffer from “climate anxiety,” which she defines as “their fear about … whether they should have children, whether they should ever think about buying a home for fear that it might be wiped out because of extreme weather occurrences.”
I see, young people are not buying homes because they are worried about the climate. That’s what they think?

Here’s another. The border wall talk the past few days.
Mayorkas backs off the wall need after the President says he “has to” to spend the money knowing, walls “don’t work.”
What now?
The President is going to spend because he has to, on something he doesn’t believe in? How about returning the money and reducing the debt? Why do you have to spend it?
Add this.
He is going to build a 15 foot high wall. The current wall built is 30 feet. So you are going to build a 15 foot high section in this new 20 mile area?
If that makes sense to you, then you have your candidate in 2024.

On the other side, the Republicans of Ready, Shoot, Aim fame are headed for another bad week. They are divided between two candidates to replace Kevin McCarthy. Donald Trump is not the answer, and having to change their own ethics rules for him would be a total disaster.

Now, the former President endorsed one of the two candidates. That will add to the mess.
And, by the way, the former President weighed in after the vote to oust McCarthy with his line about the shame of Republicans shooting each other. Very nice, except the ringleader of the resurrection, Matt Gaetz, said he had conversations with you and you supported him.
Right there is the man’s flaw. The truth.

Plus, a story broke today of the former President sharing Nuclear Submarine secrets (and other material) with “his friend,” Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt. How did it come to light? Pratt went on to share it with others.
That’s top secret information that was known to a few like the former President. It’s now public knowledge.

Add the story that was published yesterday quoting his former Chief of Staff General John Kelly, who confirmed the former President’s words reported on killed and wounded Marines, calling them “losers and suckers”.
Here’s Kelly’s direct quote. He was standing next to the President when the words were uttered.
“A person that thinks those who defend their country in uniform, or are shot down or seriously wounded in combat, or spend years being tortured as POWs are all ‘suckers’ because ‘there is nothing in it for them.’ A person that did not want to be seen in the presence of military amputees because ‘it doesn’t look good for me…”

Let me close this week with this statement. We can do better than Biden or Trump.
In the end it’s your vote, use it wisely, as our ancestors did, to give us the America they did.
We can do better.

 Hope Your Weekend Is A Good One.

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