It’s Mostly Noise

Let’s start with all the noise about Donald Trump becoming speaker of the House. Besides the fact that the former President is a little busy, he is not eligible by the party’s own rules in the House. Why?
The party’s own rules bar anyone under indictment for serious charges from any House leadership.
It’s called Rule 26 and It states that a “member of the Republican Leadership shall step aside if indicted for a felony for which a sentence of two or more years imprisonment may be imposed.” 

The Donald Trump for speaker noise is just that, noise.
I was asked a few times if any of the Republican eight can be elected speaker. Answer, you have a better chance of being elected than any of them. They have created a divide for life for themselves in the party.
In fact, last night Matt Rosendale was asked who he would vote for. His answer, “anyone not named Kevin McCarthy or Matt Rosendale. Don’t worry Matt, you won’t get any votes, and here’s hoping Montana feels the same about any senate run you might make.

Monmouth University released a survey that found only 37 percent of registered voters are enthusiastic about Trump being the Republican nominee again. Even less, 32 percent, said they are enthusiastic about Joe Biden being the Democratic one.
More than half of respondents said they are not at all enthusiastic about Trump or Biden being their parties’ nominees. 
So how come they are both heading for their party nominations today?
The only groups who were enthusiastic about Trump and Biden are members of the candidate’s respective party and can vote in the primaries.

How about the lack of noise of the returned soldier who defected to Korea, Travis King? With this administration I expect another Bowe Bergdahl decision. Let him walk. The soldier defected, there are consequences for your actions. In my opinion you have to pay a price for the things you do.
But with the liberal left, crimes are not crimes, the police are the enemy and people who defend themselves are the problem.

Here’s a word and topic getting some coverage now. Bidenomics.
With the market falling, interest rates rising and the economy recognized by most in bad shape, who made the decision for the President to campaign on Bidenomics?

Finally, is this real? Now Mayorkas says there is an” immediate need” to build a wall. The President said “not a foot more of wall” so what happened? It’s called partial reality.
Partial? Yes, partial. Why? They want to build 20 miles of wall. Like the cartel won’t move people 21 miles.
Can this administration be this dense?

Just On My Mind Today.

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