Out Of Control…

Now What?

I watched an historic first yesterday as eight members of congress, who profess to be conservatives, lined up with the opposition party to remove a speaker for the first time in our nation’s history.
It was a disgrace. A disgrace to the nation, to the institution, to the party, to leadership and order.

As a young kid I loved politics and was a John F. Kennedy Democrat. Like so many others, I felt that party left me, and I became a Ronald Reagan Republican. Today I feel like a party left me for the second time.
I need a new home.

I don’t have a home with any party that has Matt Gaetz and seven blind followers who get away with this.
I don’t have a home in the other party who wants to defund police, likes open borders, prosecutes citizens who protect themselves as opposed to the criminal and spends money like our children and grandchildren won’t have to pay the bill.
So in a different way, I am now homeless.

I have seen enough interviews with the likes of Matt Gaetz and Matt Rosendale to know you can’t deal with them. Adamant that they are right, they see no way but their way. Great, they feel that strongly, but you can’t get your way without winning elections, and all they have done is cost their party seats with candidates who have run with similar views.

They took this recall option with no plan on what to do next. How do you do that? Wouldn’t you have a plan for after the vote? It’s so chaotic that we will be at least a week with no leader.
All business is ground to a stop until we get one.
Who is going to take this job and make them happy? The Democrats control the Presidency and Senate. What do they think their five vote majority in the House can do outside of over throwing the speaker? If they proved anything it’s that they can’t lead and manage. It’s their house that is in disorder.

If I were a member of this caucus I would propose we expel Matt Gaetz immediately from our caucus, and if his seven dwarfs want to leave too, then go ahead. We would be better off without them, and where are they going? If they think the Republicans aren’t conservative enough, wait until you see what Jeffries, Pelosi and AOC have planned.

One last thought. Matt Rosendale wants to run again for the senate in red Montana. He lost six years ago costing the Republicans a seat that would have turned the senate. He was too radical for Montana. Now he wants to run again. His primary opponent, Tim Sheehy, is a decorated navy seal veteran. I am for Sheehy.

The Time To Get Involved Is Now.

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