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Rep. Gaetz goes forward with his recall petition. What an ill advised action for the nation and Republican Party. He needs four others to support the action and he has that support. Now what?
The question is, will any Democrats support Speaker McCarthy? He may need up to ten to cover Republican losses.
The other question is this.
It’s politics. What will Democrats want to support McCarthy? Nothing is without a price.
Is this any way to run a government?
When Gaetz says he (McCarthy) made a deal with Democrats, he will do so in anger. Well, Rep. Gaetz, you caused it.

Lot’s of trial news on the airways.
Donald Trump in NY. Now it turns out no one, not a bank, insurance company or publication filed a complaint against the former President and his enhancement of his net worth.
So, why is he on trial?

Hunter Biden goes to court today. This is a real gun charge that they tried to cover up. It’s in his home state of Delaware. Now Democrats are so anti gun, what do you expect here?

Sam Bankman Fried, the mini Madoff, goes in trial today. Despite his connections, it looks to me like he is going away.

Then it was announced that Senator Menendez is going on trial May 6th of next year. Interesting timing in an election year.

Some Other News

Now the Governor of Illinois is joining the chorus of big city Mayors to complain about illegal immigration. 
I can’t get past all the sanctimonious “sanctuary city and state” noise they made when it was Texas, Arizona and Florida’s problem. What hypocrisy. 
Their blaming of Republicans now, and not the administration, is their latest folly.

While on hypocrisy, how about the story of Democratic Rep. Cuellar getting carjacked and robbed last night in Washington DC. Yep, cashless bail and letting criminals out is the answer! Watch when they catch the culprits and see what their past arrest records are. It was the 7th attack on a congressperson in the past year. 

Governor Newsom moved fast In California to fill the seat of Diane Feinstein. Now it gets interesting. 
A black female who is LBGTQ and is not committed to only serving out Feinstein’s term. 
If she decides she likes the job and runs next year, that will shake things up in the state. Rep. Barbara Lee was running in the minority lane. Adam Schiff has raised millions and millions. Rep. Katie Porter was well positioned too. It could be a donnybrook. 

Plenty Of News Out There.

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