Ready – Shoot – Aim

The Republican Party Today

Ready —- Shoot —- Aim. The Freedom Caucus of The Republican Party is great at this and illustrating to America how not to lead.
First, they set themselves up for the blame for any government shut down.
Then they fail to push the bills they want to control spending, while the senate does their part.
At the last moment, Speaker McCarthy makes a deal to keep the government running for 45 days and save themselves from their own firing squad.
Immediately Rep. Matt Gaetz announces he is going to present a recall of the speaker.
Now, he can do this because he and his fellow caucus members forced a single vote recall in approving the speaker after 15 rounds of refusing to do so.
Now we will see the speckle of a Republican congressman leading a recall and overthrow of a Republican speaker.

All this because they (the Republicans) have only a four seat advantage. They have only a four seat advantage because the freedom caucus nominated candidates who lost winnable house (and senate) seats. This small minority, less than twenty members, are destroying the party and harming the nation. You want change, try winning elections. Since you can’t win elections, you are now costing the rest of the nation time, effort and costs.

The Democrats have their “squad members,” but both Pelosi and Jeffries have kept them under control, haven’t they? They vote as one. The freedom caucus seems intent on giving us more of them.

And, exactly what does Gaetz think he is going to accomplish? 205 of his caucus members will vote for McCarthy. Exactly who does he think the Freedom caucus will support that the rest of the party will?
He tried that for 15 rounds and five candidates when McCarty was elected. He failed. All he did was embarrass the party, make Americans question leadership more and set up the nation for ridicule.

My solution is to expel Gaetz from the party activities until further notice. He has painted himself in a corner and he should stay there and think about it. He is accusing McCarthy of making a deal with Democrats. Who does he think would vote with him now? Not his party. Is he counting on Democrats?

As for what will happen, we don’t know. He brings the motion. 205 of his party will vote McCarthy. The Democrats will vote forJeffries. We’ll be back to the 15 rounds of embarrassment when we elected McCarthy.
And, the media will love it and show the failed Republicans, who cannot govern.

Great job, Matt.

Former President Trump will be in court today as the hearing begins on damages for his lost civil case on lying about the values of his properties. At some point all this has to begin hurting him.

In the meantime, he recognizes that Nikki Haley is making progress. He created a nickname for her now. Birdbrain. Really?
Last night Gov. Haley had a birdcage and bird food delivered to her hotel room.
Enough is enough. I refuse to believe the two parties are going to nominate Trump and Biden again.
We can do better.
By the way, Matt Gaetz has endorsed Donald Trump.

It’s Just Monday Morning.

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