Two Issues…

In The News – On My Mind

Yesterday was the “impeachment inquiry” hearing and if you watched you saw the division in the nation. It was the opposite of the Trump impeachment with a divided aisle, and you either questioned or defamed, depending on where you sat. 
Now the whole Russian Collusion charges fell completely apart as we learned after three years it was untrue and, in fact, it was Hillary Clinton who paid for the Steele Dossier. 
The “inquiry” hearing yesterday was designed to discover if there is information to do more. There was indignation on one side that it was being held. Well, remember in politics you do something and it goes around for sure. This is an example of coming around. 
As for the hearing, here’s the questions I have:
– We now know that from no one in his family getting any money from overseas, that his son Hunter Biden, brother Jim Biden and grandchildren got paid from foreign countries.
Okay, so I ask what was the product, brand or work they did for the $20-50 million? Is that unfair? From my son “never” got a penny from China, to his son, brother and grandchildren getting millions, can we just be told what work they did? 
We know the Trump family product. It was real estate. What was the Biden’s? Don’t we deserve to know that?

– Why was the money laundered through so many LLC’s? If it was all legitimate, and it may have been, then why is the laundering similar to drug and mob money hidden? 
Is that an unfair question? 

– Why was the change from the President knew nothing about his son and brother’s business to he “was never in business with them.”
Can you just tell us why that changed? 
And when you do, can you tell me if the President lied in the debate with Donald Trump when he said his family “never got” money from China, that only he (Pointing to Trump) did. Turns out Trump never did and the Bidens’ did. Can you please explain that. 

If you don’t care about this but did the two Trump impeachments, then you are not being fair. Russian Collusion proved to be a three year lie. Can we solve this quicker please and learn the truth? 
How about putting the nation and not your party first. 

Issue Two – The Debate

A day later my feelings are the same. The moderators failed, and that last question from Dana Perino was a disgrace. I heard her yesterday say that she thought about her second choice to ask instead. It was “Dog or Cat?”
Really? Did you think you were on The Five with Gutfeld?

In the bigger picture, here’s what I wonder:
Why are the Democrats so intent on getting Donald Trump convicted and off the ballot? Don’t they understand the one person that Joe Biden can beat is Trump? Nikki Haley should be their number one nightmare.

Why are the Republicans so intent to get Joe Biden on these impeachment charges? Do they really want to run against Gavin Newsom? Don’t they know that Biden would be the easiest to beat?

Isn’t that just crazy? Both parties are trying to make life more difficult. These are our leaders?

Finally, we keep reading and hearing the majority of Americans do not want Biden vs. Trump again. Is it just the loyal party members that want it? Do you?

Hope Your Weekend Is A Good One.

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