Debate Two…

Just A Lot Of Noise

Let’s keep this simple.
The night was far short of expectations. It was a lot of noise, talking over each other and a failure to capitalize on an opportunity.
Where were the issues impacting our lives?
The problem in this nation is Bidenomics.
Inflation, higher costs, lower disposable income. A failed policy.
Where were the candidates discussing it and how they would fix it?
Where was the question on why the administration thinks it’s okay to buy oil from despots while they shut it down in America? (Or, that our strategic reserve is down by half since the administration is using it for non emergencies).
Where were the attacks on defunding the police so law abiding citizens feel unsafe?
Where was the attack on the failed forcing of electric cars in a decade?
These and other issues were there for the taking, but never addressed as noise prevented it.
The result:
A lost opportunity for the candidates and the nation. A total waste of time.

A large part of the blame goes to the moderators. I say that with sadness, as I watch the market show that Stu Varney hosts daily and like him. He was out of his element here and failed.
Add Dana Perino who seemed more bent on getting to her questions than anything, and that ridiculous last question that, to the credit of the candidates, they refused to answer. She was disappointing.
Why couldn’t the moderators ask a question each candidate would get a chance to answer.
The country is clear in saying that Bidenomics has failed. What is your specific policy to get us out of that, as Ronald Reagan got us out of Stagflation?
The national debt is $33 trillion dollars. How do you propose to fix the economy, reduce the deficit and begin paying back the debt?
Contrast what your policy would be toward Ukraine and Russia versus the administration.
Exactly how would you act on the border and the chaos there now?
You get the idea.
But, the moderators spent so much time preparing questions to one person that we learned nothing.
They failed.

Here’s one more suggestion on the format.
At the outset inform each candidate that as the debates end they will get 3 minutes to say anything they want at the close.
However, anytime they speak beyond their bell (for an answer, or interrupt) will be reduced from that.
Ring the bell with ten seconds to go so they know they have that time to shut up.
Any extra minutes goes to those who still have 3 minutes at the end.

As for the candidates themselves, here’s my assessment on their performance last night:
Gov. DeSantis stood up well and won the night.
Nikki Haley was making real progress until that poor move by Dana Perino to have Tim Scott attack her. It became too shrill after that, and Perino should be embarrassed about turning them on each other.
Vivek: He took a major step backward. He talks too much and is not ready. His polls will show this.
Tim Scott: Made some progress, but this is not his time. He may well be a VP candidate for the ultimate winner.
As for the others, the time has come to narrow the field.
Gov. Burgun, VP Pence and Gov. Christie, it is time to go.

In the end, a very disappointing night, and I put the reason on the moderators first and candidates second.

Narrow The Field Before the November Debate.

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  1. Do you believe, there is a chance, that Trump, “nominates” the winner and bows out? I often think/hope/dream that the “businessman” assessed the field, looked at the data, and due to his love for his country, plays the ultimate card last –
    Reuniting the party, with a one team, one voice, one purpose/objective/goal.

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