Oh The News…

How Often Do You Say “What” or “Really?”

No surprise to hear that a federal judge ruled that Donald Trump committed fraud for years while building the real estate empire that catapulted him to fame.
What the judge found is so Trump.
The former president and his company deceived banks, insurers and others by massively overvaluing his assets and exaggerating his net worth on paperwork used in making deals and securing financing.
Then on taxes low balled the assets.
Does that sound like Donald Trump?
It does to me, and is just another reason I think he is the only one who can get Joe Biden reelected President.

Next week a non jury trial will begin on this and other charges to determine the claims and punishments.
There are 90+ other criminal charges to go before the election.
Think how the left and media will use these things against the former President.
America is going to see wall to wall commercials on all this. It will be the basement strategy of 2024.
If you don’t want four more years of Joe Biden, you better think how you vote in the primaries.

Which leads us to urge you to watch the second Republican debate tonight on Fox Business (and Fox News) to see the best alternative to Donald Trump.
I remind you that the one person the Biden camp does not want to run against is Nikki Haley.
She won the first debate and needs another strong performance tonight, which will be tougher. She will be attacked tonight.
At the end of this debate the field should begin to narrow. It already has in this sense. Though no one has dropped out yet, only the seven in the debate are left standing as the Trump alternative.
It will narrow further when the debate ends and it needs to become Trump vs. an alternative, because the Trump voter is just sticking with him, no matter what.

While on Trump, he is the same.
Rather than tone it down and show he is changed and has control, he has to comment on everything.
Here’s what he said about the retiring General Milley this week:
“Trump suggested that outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Army Gen. Mark Milley is a traitor” and in olden days would be “executed” as such.

So let’s see, President Biden went to Michigan to support a 40% raise for the UAW workers, stayed less than a half an hour, then flew to San Francisco for a fund raiser with high rollers.
Would you run a campaign that way? Would the media let a Republican get away with doing that?

The UAW workers have a legitimate argument that the gap between their pay and the executives is unreasonable. The CEO’s have given themselves large increases the last few years.
One report says:
“The ratio of the CEO’s pay to the median worker’s—automakers have a wider pay gap than most large companies. And over the past four years, the gap at the three has widened. The leaders of Ford Motor, General Motors and Stellantis, all targets of current UAW strikes, received between $21 million and $29 million in compensation last year.”
The median CEO pay package for S&P 500 companies was $14.5 million last year.

Here’s an easy solution, how about just lowering the CEO pay?
How outrageous they would do this. We, the taxpayers, just had to bail them out. Now they think they’re geniuses?
Well, a genius would know you can’t go all electric, because the country isn’t ready for it. But these three are all in.
Toyota? They say hybrid. Hyundai? They say hybrid.
They’re right, and their CEO’s get paid less.

Now, Donald Trump, deciding to forego the debate, is going to talk to UAW workers at 8 tonight.
It’s his diversion tactic.
He better make sure his audience is hand picked. The union leader is 100% with Joe Biden.
He invited him. He went to the airport to greet him. Drove with him. Spoke his peace in front of him and then gave Biden the bull horn to support him and the strikers.
As The Washington Post reported:  
“Biden came at the invitation of union leaders. Trump is coming despite their warnings to keep his distance.”

I think the former President is wrong, too, in encouraging the Republicans to let the government shut down.
He (Trump) says: “Whoever is President will be blamed, in this case, Crooked (as Hell!) Joe Biden.”
The House Republicans will get full blame and hurt themselves.

Here’s a “Really.”
Hunter Biden is suing Rudy Guliani for hacking his computer.
Oh, so now he admits it is his computer. His pictures. His notes.
Until now even in court his attorney wouldn’t say it was his. Now it’s his?
After all those lies, he is suing? How about we sue him for the truth?
How about we sue those intelligence experts who were nothing but liars telling us it was a Russian disinformation computer.

You hear about the debate on November 30th between Governors DeSantis and Newsom?
An hour and a half on the Hannity Show.
A bad idea for DeSantis. Why? Not because he can’t debate. Not because Florida is not doing better than California. Then why?
The debate on Fox News and Hannity’s show means that 90% of those who tune in are on the right. What does Newsom have to lose talking to people who don’t support him? He can only gain.
Venue and audience matter, and if I were a DeSantis advisor I would not allow this.

Wait now, what is this? A report this AM says:
“Chinese nationals sent $260,000 in bank wires to Hunter Biden in 2019 and listed President Biden’s home as the address.”
It must be a mistake, I heard the President say no one in his family took any money from China. He wouldn’t have “forgotten” or “lied” would he?

Oh The News.

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