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News That Makes You Shake Your Head

Wait now, Hunter Biden is suing the IRS for not treating him fairly?
The same IRS that allowed the statute of limitations to pass on the years that he never filed?
Years that he was bringing in major dollars from overseas connections?
They didn’t treat him fairly?
Hunter, your Dad is the President. Maybe you haven’t heard him whisper into the microphone “pay your fair share.” He is talking to you.

In Washington DC, the police are giving tips to congressional members and staff on safety. Things like:
“Remove jewelry on public transportation to avoid attracting thieves. Keep phone calls short to limit distractions while walking. Leave room at red lights in case a getaway becomes necessary.”
You get the idea.
Here’s a tip for the Mayor and council.
Try getting the criminals off the street, you might be surprised at the results.

The Republican far right caucus (Freedom Caucus) seems intent on destroying the party and leading the nation to a stop over the budget. They can’t win.
They have never been able to win seats at the ballot box, only costing Republicans seats.
The party that shuts down the government loses. They are walking right down that path, while challenging a speaker (Kevin McCarthy) who is doing a good job.
Democrats have their far left (The Squad) under far more control, and they never challenged Nancy Pelosi.

How about the Republicans and Democrats telling their respective extremes to shut up and the middle of both parties taking control to pass a budget?
Or, is that too much to ask elected officials to think of country before party?

When you heard that an $85 million military aircraft had gone down and couldn’t be located, did you wonder why?
When you found out it was a stealth bomber and we couldn’t track it, were you impressed?

Rep. Lauren Boebert, really, you do that in a public theatre?
I know you love firearms, but you just shot your reelection chances to empty. Drop out.

The Senate really changed its dress code for the first time? Now you can wear shorts and hoodies to accommodate Sen. Fetterman?
How he got elected is a mystery; why Schumer did this just adds to it.

Did you see the White House “cajoling” media outlets to be more skeptical of the House impeachment inquiry?
How much more help does the W.H. want from the media?
They have not covered the charges. They called them unsubstantiated and lies.
They called the laptop a Russian tool. They let the “experts” degrade any chance the information off the laptop was real. Let the NY Post and other entities get banned for telling the truth.
Plus, they ran with a false story for three years about Russian Collusion, when it was Hillary who paid for the dossier!
Now they are asking for help? What else can the media do?

I ask again why isn’t this administration allowing free choice and a natural progression to electric vehicles? Forcing the changeover they are, is noting but chaos ahead. It seems to me a normal procession to hybrid vehicles would lead to a natural electric future. Skipping that is total chaos.
Here’s a study released from JD Power.
Around one in five charging attempts at public stations, outside the Tesla network, is a bust.
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, now has a $100 million plan to tackle public EV chargers’ reliability by repairing and replacing thousands of old or out-of-commission ones.
And Tesla, the one company actually working, is the one the government refuses to work with. Why?
They are non union and Elon Musk owns them.
Oh yea, I trust this administration to handle this.

Just More News.

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