Just Following The News

As I Do I Wonder – For Real

Just following news and using common sense I stop continuously and wonder – “Really?”

We made a deal with Iran (again). It was a “negotiation,,” Admiral Kirby said.
It was, “the best deal we could get,” he added.
Let me understand this:
The best you could do was for us to give them five prisoners they wanted for five of ours, and you had to throw in $6 billion dollars to the leading terrorist nation in the world?
If this the best you could do, resign. I have high school kids who can do better.

Then you insult me by saying they can “use the money for humanitarian” purposes only.
Oh, I see.
So, they can transfer their current budget spending to terror and use the new money for their “humanitarian” needs.
By the way, you know they consider eliminating all of us a “humanitarian” act for the world right?

Then there’s this one.
The President and headlines say inflation is down, look at how well the administration is doing.
Inflation is close to 4% this month, but you understand that 4% is on top of the 9% you created last last year. It’s inflation on top of inflation, as I see it.
Who believes this stuff they say?
People in the administration seem to, which is why we need to replace them.
Here’s an example.
The price of a gallon of gas was around $2.15 the day Joe Biden got elected.
In his first year and a half, as he declared war on fossil fuels, it rose to $5.
Now it’s $3.89.
So the President says he “lowered” the cost of gas.
No you didn’t. The cost of a gallon is up 80% since you were elected. It just came down from the 130% you drove it up, but’s its UP. It’s just lower than where you drove it.

Now I’m watching the auto strike and the union saying that management is getting paid too much (I agree).
Then I see management saying we can’t give a 40% increase and pay you for 40 hours while you work 32. (I agree.)
Then I wonder.
Well, profits are good right now, but that never lasts. Does anyone ever think of preparing for a rainy day?
Does anyone think of lowering costs to the consumer? Excess profits means you charged too much.
Then I ask this question.
If they have so much cash now, how about paying the taxpayers who lostĀ more than $11.2 billionĀ as a result of the federal bailout at just General Motors as an example. That was only 15 years ago.
Why does that not matter?
Or, do we let high executive pay and increased wages drive consumer costs so that companies need a bailout again and we all have to pay?

I watched the ABC Sunday show and their indignation at what they called the Jan. 6th lie with a Republican candidate. “How could you” asked the moderator back anyone associated with that date ever.
Made me wonder again, how do you (ABC) back all these politicians and anchors on your station who backed a three year lie about Russian Collusion? Why aren’t you questioning Rep. Schiff and others about their lie?
You called the laptop “Russian misinformation” when it wasn’t.
Where do you have the integrity to challenge anyone else?
Where’s your apology?

As we often say, you can fool some of the people all the time. Let’s see how many,

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