Debate One

Analysis Of Debate One

The only question for Republicans should be this one. Who can win in a general election and defeat Joe Biden?

If you are concerned about:
The State of the nation.
The spending we are doing and the debt we are creating.
The inflation resulting from it.
The porous borders.
The lack of accountability for crime.
The double standard of justice.
The direction of the nation in general.
And, you think we need change.
Then the only question is, who can win in November 2024?

I don’t think Donald Trump can win a general election. He can dominate a primary and get the nomination of a minority party, but he cannot win the general election.
If you will get satisfaction out of nominating him a third time, then go ahead. But, you are repeating 2018, 2020 and 2022, as I see it.

That said, the question is this … who do the Democrats not want to run against?
The answer is the person who won the debate last night. Nikki Haley.

So, if you’re playing to win, take a good luck and consider the general election.

How did the others do? Here’s a quick recap as I saw it.

DeSantis: Held his position and leveled his boat, which was sinking. Still in it.
Scott: Took a hit. He was over shadowed and the progress he was making is halted.
Vivek: May well develop a Trump like following, but he took some hits last night. His momentum is on hold.
Pence: He had a relatively decent evening and may have impressed some, but he can’t win with the stain of the last administration.
Christie: He got hit as hard as he hit last night. Going nowhere in this party.
Burgum: Made some progress, but the end is in sight.
Hutchinson: Time to call it a day.

There you have it.
Now the drama is what happens with Trump, the indictments and who the public says is his main opponent.
My thoughts again: if you want to win, think who they don’t want to run against. I told you who that is.

Round One Is In The Books.

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