The Supreme Court Rules…

And The Left Erupts

Throughout the session, as the court ruled 7-2, 8-1 and even 9-0, the MSM and left were quiet, as they found the decisions to their liking.
Then comes some decisions they disagree with and boom, they want to expand the court, have term limits and impeach justices.
Well, for the last thirty years some of us had a major issue with the court making laws and not interpreting the laws congress passed. We were told (and did) suck it up and go on.
The minute the court goes back to its role of ruling on laws, we have this uproar.
Then you watch the coverage of the decisions and it makes it appear as if the court was breaking the law; while the media’s own polls show the majority of Americans agree with the court’s decision.
Just check ABC’s coverage and their poll in connection with IPSOS. They (ABC) might disagree with the court, but the American people don’t.

Here’s A View

On the issue of school loans, it is very simple to me. I agree with Senator Tim Scott, you take out a loan, you repay your loan. You own it.
It’s called responsibility. It’s about a whole generation learning the meaning of that word.
The second part of that is this.
Why is the administration trying to pick winners and losers? You go to college, you take a loan and the people who didn’t go to college or repaid their loans should bail you out? Why?
For being responsible and paying their way through college? For paying their commitment back? For choosing a career where they didn’t borrow?
The logic of all that is beyond my reasoning.
You picked the wrong college? The wrong major? You own it, end of story.
Then add this, we have an almost $32 Trillion deficit. We should add $400+ billion to pay your loan?
No way, the court was right.
Finally, it’s called law.
There is no law that gives the President the right to spend that money without congress. No law.

So now you want to impeach and over throw the court for following the law? How about throwing out of office the people who want to break the law?

On the school decision the American people are clear, there should be no discrimination.
Who gives the media and liberal left the right to decide who can be discriminated against?
You want a solution, here it is.
How about supporting education at all levels so children can learn and earn their way to any school? Why do they allow some schools to be so disruptive that children can’t learn? How about not worrying about the stigmatism of the disruptors, but the education of the majority?
How about allowing parents of students in failing schools to use the money we are spending there to go to private schools, that they can’t afford otherwise?
How about instead of backing the union, you back the students’ education?

It’s about time we stopped lowering the bar and raise it for lower education, inner city schools, and free choice, and held teachers’ unions and parents responsible.

This case was brought by Asian Americans who were denied entry because of their skin color and look.
Does that even sound right to you? Who decides winners and losers here? Who has that right?
Do we blame Asian American values and parental efforts against them?

The court said discrimination is wrong no matter who it is against – and the court is right.

The Reaction

The president literally said in effect, the Supreme Court did not know the constitution. Wrong, Mr. President, wrong. You over stepped and are playing politics with the support of the media and far left officials like AOC, who, because the court turned back to their role of interpreting law, wants them impeached.
You want to spend a half a trillion dollars to pay debts of selective individuals, you need congress to pass it.
You see, then the court would say it is law. The court can’t do what you can’t pass. I know they used to, but it’s over for now. No matter how much the media shows you support and sympathy, the game is changed.
I, for one, hope we vote in 2024 to keep three separate branches of government.

Enjoy Your 4th Of JULY.

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