Okay, Let’s Be Real…

Truth Matters

The President on Monday insisted he was truthful when he claimed he had never spoken to his son about business deals. Fine, maybe the text message in which Hunter said his Dad was sitting next to him, and proceeded to threaten a Chinese businessman was just talk. Maybe. Maybe not.
Maybe the pictures we’ve seen of the President (before he was President) with Hunter and Jim Biden’s business partners were innocent, or photo altered. Maybe. Maybe not.
Maybe the testimony of witnesses and whistle blowers were made up and wrong about who the “Big Guy” was.
Maybe. Maybe not.

However, let’s be clear on one thing, there is no maybe with a proven lie, that is not being covered. That is the President’s denial that any Chinese money went to his family.
As an example:
When asked if he had any reaction to a House memo about his family dealings with China, the President replied: “My family dealings?”
The reporter added:
“Yes, revealing that Hunter Biden’s business associate sent over a million dollars to three of your family members?”
“That’s not true,” the president said.
Well, it is true, and the press doesn’t seem to care about this lie.
I thought the press said if you lie on one thing, you are likely lying on others.
Why are they (the MSM) not covering this?

They are, of course, covering the tape of former President Trump that was leaked to CNN. (Which raises the question, how come Trump stuff is always leaked, but not Biden information?)
Now, the former President is clearly on the tape, and he knew he was being taped, talking about and telling people that this was classified information he was sharing.
“I have a BIG pile of papers. … Pages long. … This is secret information. … This was done by the military, given to me. … See as president, I could’ve declassified it. But now I can’t, you know. But this is … secret. … It’s so cool.”
Waving the paper he said it was a, “highly confidential, secret” document.

The two stories above the current and former President’s is exactly the reason why we cannot end up with a choice between the two in 2024, and yet both are well ahead in their respective primaries.
I don’t believe that will hold.
it can’t for the future of our nation.
We need a clean slate of leadership.

Here’s something from Politico this AM that provides a more in depth review. They quote Doug Sosnik, whose deep dive political memos have achieved a cult following among Washington insiders for many years.
Here’s what he said about voters, swing voters in particular, who will decide 2024:

  1. The “double doubters”: “People who have a negative view of both Biden and Trump are perhaps the most important group of swing voters in the upcoming election. This is not an insignificant voting bloc. In an ABC/Ipsos poll taken after Trump’s most recent indictment, a majority of the country had a negative view of both Biden and Trump, with only 31% having a favorable view of both candidates.” 
  2. Abortion rights voters: Sosnik points to a stream of polling data on this issue, but this fact stuck out: “In a mid-June Gallup poll, 69% of respondents (74% of Independents) said that abortion should be legal in the first three months of pregnancy, the highest level in the history of their polls.”
  3. Republicans: “The results from the 2022 midterms, as well as recent polling, suggest that a group of Republican voters will be up for grabs in 2024, particularly if Trump is on the ballot. Democrats racked up double-digit percentages from Republicans in the 2022 governors’ races in Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania. They also made significant inroads with these voters in Senate races in Arizona (13%), Pennsylvania (8%), Nevada (7%), and Georgia (6%).” Recent polls Sosnik cites indicate that roughly a quarter of GOP voters have serious qualms about another Trump nomination.
  4. Independents: “The winning party in the last four election cycles carried political independents. The 2022 exit polls showed that over 30 percent of voters were independents, the highest percentage since 1980.”

Finally, the big wildcard next year will be the presence and strength of any third-party candidates. In 2016, the “double doubters,” many of whom voted for third-party candidates, probably cost Clinton the election. “In 2020,” Sosnik notes, “with no viable third-party option, Biden carried these double doubters by 15 points.”

The good news for Biden? “In a late April AP/NRC poll, among double doubters, Biden leads Trump by 39 points in a straight head-to-head matchup without a third-party option,” Sosnik writes.

The bad news for Biden? CORNEL WEST recently announced that he will seek the nomination of the Green Party, which is already on the ballot in Wisconsin, Michigan, and North Carolina, while No Labels continues to pursue a potential center-lane presidential ticket featuring the likes of JOE MANCHIN or LARRY HOGAN.

If there is a Biden-Trump rematch, Sosnik argues that Trump needs someone like West on the ballot: “Trump can’t win without a third-party candidate dividing the anti-Trump vote. With the exception of winning Georgia in 2016 with 50.77% of the vote, Trump never reached 50% in any of the competitive states that determined the outcome of the last two presidential elections.”

That’s A Great Analysis. We Need New Leadership.

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