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Here’s Mine On Issues Of The Day

Biological men should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports. Period. End.
There are differences, and it’s completely unfair to women who have spent their lives practicing and perfecting their skills to then have to compete, not against their peers, but men.
Unfair to trans individuals?
Fine. Create a third category of competition. Men, Women, Trans.
As with any sport, let it stand on its own. It may not gain support you say? Well, that’s America’s choice, isn’t it? Discriminating against women is a choice, too, and allowing men to compete in their sporting event is wrong.

Homelessness is not normal. Period. End.
Living on the street without food, bathrooms and life’s necessities is not a rational choice. People are homeless because they are down on their luck, on drugs, alcoholics or mentally ill.
If down on their luck, we have programs to support them and plenty of open jobs. Help is available.
Drug addicts, alcoholics and the mentally ill are individuals who need help. You don’t choose to live on the street.
You don’t need society saying it is right; you need society getting you off the street and into care.
How many of you, either yourself, or know someone who raised their children to live homeless on the street?
Stop this liberal thought that it is their right, and do the right thing and get them help.
Homelessness is not a normal state of being in the twenty-first century.

Elementary and middle school educators have no right to tell such young impressionable children that they are the wrong gender.
They certainly have no right to offer gender change counseling without telling the parents or guardians.
Where does the liberal thought on abortion, “my body my choice,” balance with them telling children they are in the wrong body?
Try teaching kids the basics, where many are falling further behind, and stop with your politics, or you will end up learning Chinese soon.

The southern border is broken. It is broken more than any border in the world.
There are more people and drugs coming across it than anywhere else.
How many have to die from the drugs before some care?

The situation with Russia over the weekend is so much more dangerous than we are talking about.
It’s clearly a sign that the attack on Ukraine is a failure for Putin.
It’s clearly a sign that Putin is now in trouble.
My question is:
What does he do as his life long dream of restoring Russia’s standing in the world is falling apart?
Very dangerous situation when a man’s life long dream and work is falling apart in front of his face.

Why do Republicans not want to win elections?
While Democrats defend the right of abortion up to the minute of birth, the right wing of the Republican Party is demanding their party position be no abortion ever.
The answer is 15- 20 weeks, where America is.
You push the never, Americans choose the “no limitations” option over “never.” So, you lose.
You place the limited time and you win.
What have you got against a partial victory, with a chance to win more going forward?
Don’t you see how your all or nothing is hurting everything you stand for?
What have you got against winning?

Here’s example two for the Republicans.
The NBC poll released yesterday touted how Donald Trump has widened his lead.
Widened his lead in the primary, that is.
Then it showed the results of the general election, and Biden lead Trump by 4 points.
How many elections do you have to lose, and how far does the country have to decline before you learn?
Why do you insist on nominating candidates who can’t win general elections and watch the country decline?
What kind of pride do you take in being to the right of the right?
Why wouldn’t you rather win an election?
Why can’t you say, Trump policies, yes, and accept a candidate who can win with them?
Are you more married to the man than the policies? Why?

Example three. Are you serious starting impeachment proceedings and bringing charges?
America is not ready for another political impeachment. Even the talking of it will turn voters against you.
You need to prove what you have been saying.
You need to do it beyond a reasonable doubt, and build momentum before you start using the word.
Don’t they realize talking about impeachment and bringing charges makes them the Democrats of 2019?
We really do elect some questionable people, don’t we?

Just Some Thoughts From Me.

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