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See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Yesterday we alluded to a breaking story and it did break. We had whistle blowers, who a few years ago were elevated by the media to supreme status, come out to congress and tell of administration actions.

The first said they stopped the investigation into Hunter’s taxes long enough for the statute of limitations to run out on 2104 and 2105. The story was this, Hunter did not pay taxes, and those were the Burisma years.

Then we had a whistle blower who shared a text Hunter sent to a Chinese businessman demanding action and stating his father was sitting next to him! He said it three times in his threatening response and demand.

Coverage in the MSM? None, nothing, zip.

If the stories we have been hearing were covered by the media who ran (and in some cases still do) the false Russian Collusion narrative daily, the Biden administration would be over.
They refuse to cover this.
Oh yea, add this.
The FBI and DOJ had the Hunter laptop in 2019, one year before it was reported by the NY Post. It never reported it, it never leaked it; they allowed the false narrative of a Russian plot, to be run to help Joe Biden. They allowed Joe Biden, who knew the laptop was real, to lie in the debate about it. They allowed social media to take it down and impact an election.
Think of the media and how they’re focused on exposing lies, and they won’t report on any of this.

The media is failing the people. They control the airwaves as much as any tin horn dictator does, and as long as they are supporting the administration there will be no noise.
It’s a coup, right before our eyes.

Before I leave this topic, let me address one thing about the text.
You will hear, “He said his father was next to him, but how do we know?”
It doesn’t matter.
The very fact he used his father to threaten a foreign nation to do his deed is all you need. The other side had to know the father was aware, or he wouldn’t have used the name. Hunter was empathic about what his father “sitting next to me” would do.
Hunter wasn’t negotiating a deal for the good of the United States of America and our citizens. He was using the Vice President of the United States to further his and his families wealth, at our expense.

If the false collusion about Russia and Donald Trump bothers you more, then you are part of the biased problem, and one of those they can fool all the time.

A Few Short Takes

A twelfth Republican announced his candidacy yesterday. He is former Rep. Will Hurd of Texas. A former CIA agent and party moderate, he served three terms in Congress. He took a stand yesterday by saying, he would “not” sign the pledge to back the ultimate candidate. Why? He refuses to support Donald Trump.

What’s interesting is, his entry means that half of the party’s candidates are now people of color.
Have you seen much coverage on that?

The ill fated, and frankly, dumb attempts by Rep. Lauren Boebert first, and supposedly Rep. Majorie Greene, to bring impeachment charges to the House floor, plays right into the left and MSM narrative. Not only will they get no public support, but they will take away from the legitimate work that others like Rep. James Comer’s Oversight Committee are doing.
Amazing how the fringes of both parties continue to shoot themselves in the foot or mouth. (It can’t be the brain, because if they had one they wouldn’t be doing what they do.)

President Biden’s declaration that China’s Xi Jinping “did not know” about the spy balloon is so ridiculous and lame. You wonder how he could even say that. Now Xi is mad we shot it down because he didn’t know it was there? Are you serious, Mr. President? Are you really the leader of the U.S. of America?
First of all, nothing happens in China without his knowing.
Second, it was a spy balloon, sending information back, and it was over our strategic locations. We should have shot it down days before you did.
What a disgrace to even say that out loud.
Then the next day you call him a “dictator.” Look that up and see if the people living in a dictatorship do anything like that without direction and permission.

We Need New Leadership. Let’s Hope Americans Are Paying Attention.

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