Durham, Schiff and Hunter…

What If Nothing Is Wrong?

I think it is appropriate to start this blog with the question above, “What if nothing is wrong?”
I say that because there were news stories that, in my opinion, were major, and the main stream media chose to not cover two.
Thus, the he question is, if people don’t know it, can it be wrong?
If all people hear is one side, are we a free nation or are we like every tin horn nation with controlled media?
In our nation it is not controlled, but biased.
The end result is the same.


I watched Special Counsel John Durham yesterday, and he validated what those of us paying attention knew. The Russian Collusion story with former President Trump was a hoax. A total lie.
It was made up by the Hillary Clinton campaign.
He told the story of FBI agents apologizing to him when they learned their superiors had mislead them.

He mentioned all the key players in the hoax who refused to talk to him. All the names you know from their time on TV telling us that Trump was a Russian plant.

Here are some outcomes from Durham and the hearing:
The “Clinton Intelligence Plan” concerned the approval by Mrs. Clinton in July 2016 of a proposal by one of her foreign policy advisers to “stir up a scandal” against Mr. Trump by linking him to Russia and the hacking of the Democratic National Committee.

In July 2016, CIA Director John O. Brennan briefed President Obama, Vice President Joseph R. Biden and other top officials about the intelligence. Mr. Brennan forwarded the information to FBI Director James B. Comey and Peter Strzok, deputy assistant director of counterintelligence.
Stop right there for a second.
Each of those people knew this was a plan to lie about the Republican candidate.
They made up the story.
They let it play out three years, costing us millions of dollars, time, lost productivity, national prestige and foreign disgrace.
The media covered it breathlessly on a daily basis.
Is this not big news? A lie. A total lie.
A lie, that I would bet a majority of Americans still believe is true.
I just watched ABC and coverage was zero. You spend three years telling people of a lie and you protect the culprits when they are exposed?
That’s not a free press.
That’s a press so biased they don’t know right from wrong.


Which leads us to Adam Schiff and his censure yesterday.
Censured for lying.
He, “saw” the evidence and told us Trump was guilty of collusion.
He leaked, he lied, then leaked again, then lied again. In the end he was exposed.
He became only the 26th House member to ever be censured.
Yet, his party stood by him. Every voting Democrat voted for Schiff, saying he did nothing wrong.
if Schiff did nothing wrong, then we’re back to the question we began with, what if nothing is wrong, because he certainly did.
After the vote his party was on the floor shouting “shame.”
Shame on those who voted to censure him.
If lying and costing the nation time, money and progress is not wrong, then what is?
There was “Shame” alright. Shame on Schiff and those of you shouting “shame” because he was condemned.
On that same ABC…
I didn’t see coverage of this censure vote. Why?
They covered Schiff’s lies for three years, why not his reprimand and only the 26th such House rebuke?

Schiff, for his part, was his arrogant self yesterday.
In the hearing he went after Durham decrying Donald Trump Jr. for a meeting with individuals who said they had information on Hillary and the Russians.
He did this with such vehemence and without shame. He had the nerve to say how could he talk to people like this.
It was as if there was no tape of him talking to two “Russians” who were telling him they had the non existent Trump pee tape. Could you imagine that. He was yelling about Donald Jr., while he is on tape doing the same thing.
Schiff is eagerly talking to them and promising his team would follow up to get the tape.
A true hypocrite to the end. You only do that if you know your party and the media have your back.

Then, after the embarrassing censure, he took to the floor to say, “I wear this partisan vote as a badge of honor.”
Sure you do. I am sure some believe you. Not me. It hurt to be the 26th person ever to be censored.
Those of us who followed your lies see it as an ever lasting dishonor, even if the media doesn’t tell the rest of the nation.

Then, Nancy Pelosi weighed in on her favorite candidate for the California Senate.
She accused Republicans of “wasting time” with this “puppet show.”
No, Madam Speaker, the wasted time was the three year lie you allowed to perpetuate.
You can say that on the day the Special Prosecutor presents the lie, because you know the media will not call you on it.
I am calling you on it. You should be embarrassed.


I heard on the aforementioned MSM, that the deal with Hunter was normal.
Then I read the stories of so many others for whom punishment was far different. I heard from their attorneys who called out the jail sentences their clients received.

Then comes a breaking report from John Solomon of Just The News, that the prosecutor in Delaware may have let the previous years (before 2017) pass the period of prosecution eligibility pass before bringing these charges.
If there is any truth to that, then the sham is even worse.

Here’s a story from the LATimes today that may lend even further credence to the character of Hunter Biden.
It involves a private sex club in the LA area called Snctm and is from their founder, Damon Lawyer.
The words are his and not mine:
“Hunter was a member at Snctm and I canceled his membership after 1 party because he’s a scumbag,” Lawner wrote in the story.

I think I’ll leave this there.

Maybe My Values Are Too High, But I See Wrong, Even If The MSM Won’t Report It.

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