Equal Justice Under The Law?

Let’s start with these questions.
Do you think if this was you or your child it would have taken over five years to bring these charges?
If you didn’t pay your taxes, five plus years ago, would it have gone this long?
Where did Hunter’s income come from?
What business did he have?
What product was he selling?
If he was too spaced out, messed up or high to file taxes, how was he earning the millions he did?
Were you surprised that his (Hunter’s) attorney said the laptop, that the DA had, never come up?
Could it be a real investigation without asking about the laptop’s contents?
Wasn’t the money tied to the taxes he didn’t pay?

Let’s clear up a few false impressions too.
The DA was appointed by Donald Trump is the refrain of the appeasers and left to justify this settlement.
That’s misdirection meant to fool some of the people all the time.
You see, the state senators give names to the President for the role.
The two senators from Delaware are Democrats.
They gave the name to Donald Trump. It’s one of those political things in our system.
If the two senators were Republicans, the federal prosecutor would not be Mr. David Weiss.

Question two is, do people go to jail for this?
Did you ever hear of the actor Wesley Snipes? He got three years in prison for failing to file his taxes.
For those who watched the show “Jersey Shore,” remember Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino?
In jail for one count of tax evasion.
On the gun charge, ever hear of the rapper Kodak Black?
Four years in prison for lying on his gun application. (Hunter lied on his.)

Let’s take one more myth here.
When someone gets a break with their sentence to go to rehab, and if they complete it, then charges are reduced, is real.
But, is Hunter a current addict?
We have been told he is clean for years. Now he gets to go to rehab as his sentence with current addicts?
See what they did there? A little misdirection to fool the people they can once again.

Now for the irony of it all. This is for President Biden.
When you walk around deriding the top 1% for not paying their fair share, did you know your son was one of them?
Why didn’t you tell him to pay his fair share? What did he tell you?
Did you yell at him like you do on TV to others?
Was it his LLCs that didn’t pay taxes too? Was he one of those businesses you harp upon about not paying?

Mr. President, you rail on guns and illegal ones all the time.
Were you referring to Hunter and his lying on his application and the illegal gun he had?
Fair share taxes and guns are two of your big issues and talking points.

You mean, Mr President, that the 1% not paying taxes, and illegal guns, were going on under your nose by “the smartest person” you know?
Isn’t that something?

I’ve been clear that what Donald Trump did was wrong with the classified documents.
I’ve been clear that Adam Schiff should be censured for all the lies that cost us time, unity and money.
I want to be clear today that what Hunter did was wrong.
In this case I want the rest of the story. Where did the money come from? For what? Why.

Minus those answers, we do not have a blind justice system for all, we have a blind system for some.
In that case, the scales of justice look like the picture above.

The MSM could help by standing for right and not covering up.

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