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Republican Rep. Anna Luna of Florida is reintroducing her censure resolution against Adam Schiff.
It seems twenty of her fellow Republican representatives voted “no” the first time because of the $16 million penalty against Schiff. (She put it in to recover part of the costs from Mueller investigation caused by the false narrative.) At least five of the “no” votes immediately said they will vote “yes.”
In fact, one of the no votes is now a co-sponsor of this second resolution.
Will it pass the house this time? It may very well do so.
Schiff says it is because he is running for the Senate in California, where he may well be the favorite.
Maybe, but I think it’s because he lied so outrightly and caused this nation so much.

Former President Trump manages to get in the news headlines easier than anyone I have ever seen.
Yesterday there were two stories and three highlights for me.
First, it was his appearance on Brett Baier last night. Both sides of Donald Trump showed up.
He began by saying that he “won in 2020, and won by a lot.”
Nothing will turn people off more than that. He pushed back as Baier challenged him, and I found myself just shaking my head in sadness. In a general election that will destroy him.

Then, in the second half of the interview, he got into issues, domestic and foreign. In that discussion you saw the Donald Trump and the policies that had America moving.
There is was:
The policies yes – but the person and ego issues, that have defined his time in public office too.

I say again, I don’t think he can win a general election and has the ability to take the party down with him.

Then there was this story in the Miami Herald.
Remember after his court appearance last week he ended up at a famous Cuban restaurant/deli named “Versailles?”
Remember when he walked in and on camera said “food for all?”
Well, the Miami Herald reported he never paid anything and everyone paid their own bill.

Meanwhile, one of his primary challengers, Governor Haley of South Carolina, saw her husband leave yesterday for a year of service in Africa. An officer in the military, his unit was deployed.
“He’s always been my rock,” she said as he left.
The deployment is for a year, so she will run this campaign now without him.
Not much coverage of this, but people should know.
Haley has a recently married daughter and a son at Villanova University.

In the recent period we’ve heard about the red states versus the blue ones.
Mostly Florida and Texas versus New York and California.
Two are growing with population and businesses, two are seeing declines.
The MSM does not want to cover it much.
Well, here’s a stat you likely won’t hear from them:
Texas is celebrating, again, it is leading the nation with the most Fortune 500 headquarters, growing to 55 and ranking ahead of all states on the just-released 2023 Fortune 500 list.
Gov. Abbott said: “Texas is the headquarters of headquarters.”
There was more too:
The latest jobs report revealed that Texas has now added more than 2.1 million jobs during Governor Abbott’s time in office, adding that Texas has smashed the record for total jobs 20 months in a row.

Imagine if we had a fair press that covered real news and told people why individuals, families and businesses are relocating to states like Texas and Florida versus New York, California and Illinois.

With all that is going on in the nation today and all the change we see occurring, I am noticing an uptick in the fighting back. In doing so, I was reminded of a saying from Winston Churchill.
“Nations that go down fighting will arise again. Nations that surrender never do.”

Just Some Thoughts For Today.

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