It Doesn’t Make Sense To Me

Okay, so now we know. To be arrested in New York and get charged with a crime, you have to be the one trying to stop a crime. Got that?
Because they certainly don’t arrest criminals and bring charges. In fact, they are locking up good people want to buy freely, because the criminal element just takes it if it isn’t.
My position remains, Daniel Penny, the ex Marine did not wake up that morning to do anything except go the gym for a workout. He did not set out to commit any crimes.
Jordan Neely, got on that train with the intent to commit a crime and frightened the passengers.
How you can charge Penny while you let Neely go 144 times after arrest is beyond my sense of right and wrong.

To call it racist, as some in the media have, is beyond comprehension. The frightened passengers were all races and colors. The main aide helping Penny was a minority.

But in NY they think Penny is the criminal, and the funny thing is the DA (Bragg) will easily win reelection.
You get what you vote for, and in your community you have to pay attention or you’ll end up with a Bragg too.

By the way, Target, in its first-quarter earnings report, said that “theft and organized crime” cost the chain $1.3 in losses this year.
Who do you think pays for this? You and me.
The stores raise prices on law-abiding shoppers to compensate for the cost of the theft.

It’s so bad, some stores like Walgreens in Chicago, have begun to look like jewelry stores with all the goods under lock and key.
How about just locking up the criminal?

While we talk of the unfair coverage of the NY case, here’s one to know about the recent Trump and Biden news.
We all know that Donald Trump was getting indicted. The MSM (CBS,NBC, ABC) devoted five hours of coverage to all the hype.

Meanwhile, we had a respected Senator, known for his integrity, state that the FBI knows there are 17 taped conversations between Hunter and Burisma executives, two of which the President (when he was VP) are on.
That’s pretty explosive, isn’t it?
Consider this.
If a Democrat Senator had made this charge about Trump, Bush or Reagan, how much coverage would it have gotten?

Well, now measure the five hours of coverage against what this got. Zero. As in zero minutes. No coverage.

Let’s go one step further.
Do you think there’s some smoke to the Hunter and Burisma stories about payments? I am betting if you are fair and follow the news from all sides and not one view, that you think there is.
Okay then, what was the reason for the first Donald Trump impeachment? That’s right, Ukraine.
The media told us the former President was looking for information that didn’t exist.

So, back to the media as the problem.
It is the media who told us that the Hillary Clinton paid for Dossier was real and Donald Trump was a Russian plant and stooge. They told us that for three years. Wrong.

They told us Ukraine was a false story and there was nothing there. Looks like they were wrong again.

All that false reporting won them ill gained pulitzer prizes. They won for stories that were based upon a lie!
Now, as things unfold on another story, the media coverage is 5 hours one way and 0 the other.

The funny thing is, you know this, but most Americans do not.

Why Wasn’t This Big News?

Yesterday the regional manager for Starbucks in the Philadelphia area won a $25 million dollar settlement from the chain. This manager had responsibility for the store where the original bathroom controversy occurred.
You remember that, right?
Starbucks weak management then opened all bathrooms of all stores to anyone at anytime. Of course that back fired and they have since changed policy.
Well, this manager was fired and the court agreed with her. Here’s a recap:
On Monday, a federal jury awarded Shannon Phillips a whopping $25 million in punitive damages and an additional $600,000 in compensatory damages after members unanimously agreed that Starbucks had fired her on racial grounds. “I was terminated because I am white. I was terminated because I complained of and objected to race discrimination.
We heard endless coverage when this incident happened and were told we were racist. Where’s the coverage from the media now?

Is There A Pushback Beginning?

I think there is the beginning of a pushback from the American people finally underway. The semblance of “enough already.”
Here’s a report from Nielsen, the data tracking market share company.
Modelo Especial, a Mexican lager, overtook Bud Light in U.S. retail dollar sales in the month ending June 3.
It’s a milestone in the months-long sales decline Bud Light has experienced since early April. U.S.

Really Mr President, Iran?

The administration has restarted talks with Iran, you know, because they are so well behaved now. Why?
The goal is to win the release of American prisoners held by Tehran and curb the country’s growing nuclear program, people close to the discussions said.
Oh yea, they always react well to kindness don’t they?
In exchange for Iran’s blessings, they are seeking billions of dollars in energy revenue trapped abroad by U.S. sanctions.
Oh, that’s a good idea, give them more money to promote their worldwide terrorism. Maybe you can use the same plane as Obama did and fly cash over to them. That really worked.
Washington recently approved $2.7 billion, in payments by the Iraqi government for Iranian electricity and gas imports.
Here’s something to watch a year from now.
Iranian terror supported activity in the world. Just watch.

Enough Is Enough.

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