With the Evidence…

The Case Against Trump

If you read the evidence of classified information and what former President Trump did with it, then heard what he said on video, ask yourself a few questions:
Should a former President have these documents in his home?
Do I expect a President to take these documents and do what he did?
Do I expect a President to be asked for these documents and not return them?
If your answer is I do not expect a former President to do that and have them, then it is wrong for Donald Trump too.

All I can think is that it was his ego that led to the outright sharing of such sensitive information with others.
Espionage? No.
Over sized ego? Yes.
Wrong? Without question.
The former President is in trouble in this case, and rightfully so.
In my opinion, it disqualifies him for ever holding the office again.
His policies might be right, but his personality isn’t.

Now What About Others?

Absolutely there is a valid argument of selective persecution and a double standard.
From my standpoint, Donald Trump is guilty and should be disqualified, but so should others.
Let’s start with Hillary Clinton.
She had secret documents on her personal computer.
They were shared, since we found them on disgraced Anthony Wiener’s computer.
She bleach bit the documents so they couldn’t be viewed by investigators.
Her team destroyed cell phones with hammers so they couldn’t be looked into.

Yes, Donald Trump is getting what he deserved, but if you’re fair, she should too.

What about President Biden?
How did secret documents end up in his possession from the time he was VP?
How were they found in his garage and offices in different places?
This is after he was given notice and his team had chances to check out his files.

You have to be fair here.
Trump is wrong, Clinton was wrong and Biden is wrong.
You can’t choose your side to defend and blame the other guy.
All three are wrong and should be treated equally.

Is there an example of doing it right? Yes, there is.
Former VP Mike Pence, when the situations arose about documents, he went to the files and found two that he shouldn’t possess.
On the spot he called the national archives and turned them over.
No drama, no sharing, no bleach bit, no phone destroying, no denying.
He simply did the right thing as prescribed by law.
Be fair in your judgement and position now.
Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it.
We have to get back to right and wrong no matter who.

What will the Trump loyalists do?
For the most part, probably blindly support the ex President and listen to his stories.
Here’s a question for them:
He was polling a minority of the voters before and couldn’t win a general election.
Do any of you think this evidence is going to gain him a single voter who wasn’t with him before?
You want to reelect Joe Biden and become a permanent minority?
Keep supporting him. He is going to lead you there.

Think About It.

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