Questions For The Fabric…

Indicting Trump Again

For a nation closing in on 250 years of existence, there are an awful lot of firsts occurring the last few years. Sometimes, firsts are positive and good; this time they are shaking at the foundation of those 250 years.

We never had a President impeached twice, much less exonerated twice.
We never had a former President charged with a federal crime.
We never had a sitting President’s DOJ indict his predecessor.
We never had a President’s DOJ indict his leading opponent in an upcoming election.
We never had so many convinced we have a double standard of justice.

We are tearing at the very fiber of the nation.
We may be creating a divide and skepticism that cannot be easily repaired, if at all.

Now the question for me, before I rush to judgement, is to hear what these charges are.
It cannot be that he (Trump) had classified documents. Because if he did, then how come President Biden, Hillary Clinton, Mike Pence and others were not indicted?
There better be more than that.
As an example, when Mike Pence discovered the few documents he had, his move was to call and turn them back.
Is the charge that Donald Trump took them, knew he had them and refused to turn them back?
Did he destroy documents illegally? Did Hillary?

There better be a difference with the Trump documents than Biden’s and Clinton’s.
I want to hear that before I get on the ledge and make charges.

The other thing is, there is more coming for the President. I expect there will be charges from Georgia and his actions there.

Now, maybe he wins all these cases and is proven innocent, as he was with the phony Russian Collusion charges. Maybe. Maybe not.

The bigger question is to the Republican primary voters.
You think the country is heading in the wrong direction and this President has accelerated the decline. Is Donald Trump the best person to beat him and win in 2024?

Anger at the system is one thing. Rational in how fix it is vital.

Never A Dull Time With The Media and Donald Trump.

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