What Did You See?

So two people walk into a congressional closed door briefing to view a classified and unreleased document with the head of the FBI.
One walks out saying the document backs his charges that the President must be investigated, and it appears took bribes. It was clear to him.
The second walks out and says he saw nothing and there is zero to investigate.
That is the problem with leaders in Washington.
It is party over nation.
How do you and I know what is truth?
Who can we trust?
The former FBI Director (Jim Comey) who, at one time, I thought was an example of virtue goes on the air and proceeds to endorse a candidate for 2024. The same Director used what he knew was a false dossier to continue investigating, what was a false story.
He did more to destroy my life long trust in the FBI and blind justice than anyone. I bet a lot of you too.
What is the truth now?
We won’t find out from the Delaware D.A. who has been investigating the Hunter Biden laptop for over three years and not a single charge. In fact, he let the false narrative that it wasn’t real fester for two plus years.

Justice is blind alright, blind for all the wrong reasons.

Just Wondering

I wonder how the media and left feel about Jack Dorsey now that he has endorsed Robert Kennedy against President Biden in the primary.
They loved him at Twitter when he was cutting off conservatives, calling the NY Post story on the laptop a Russian plant.
How about now?

I wonder why we are locking up merchandise in our stores to the point we have to ask for a tube of toothpaste. Then I read that a small number are committing a majority of the crimes.
Isn’t the logical question then:
Why Not Lock Up the Shoplifters, Not the Merchandise?
Can anyone explain that?
We have simply lost our way.

Which leads me to this wonder, why do voters return the same people to office if they want change?

An Update

Remember the story about the Afghanistan cable that Secretary of State Blinken refused to hand over and congress was preparing a contempt charge for him over? Well, yesterday he blinked and will allow congress to see it. Congressman McCaul issued this statement:
“This is an unprecedented step forward in our committee’s investigation into the Afghanistan withdrawal. For the first time in history, the State Department has agreed to allow Congress to view a dissent channel cable. This cable contains first-hand information from Embassy Kabul employees who were on the ground prior to the collapse as well as Secretary Blinken’s response to their concerns.”
There was lots of noise over this, I hope we get to hear the outcome of the view.

Just Some Thoughts This Tuesday.

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