The Bill Passes…

The bill passed the House last night with a far margin as discussed here yesterday.
The media simply made more noise about the closeness of the vote, when they should have been educating the public on the debt, its implications, meaning and long term impact.

A message to the far right of the Republican Party:
I happen to agree that we need to get this budget in balance with the same vehemence you do. However, I am completely turned off by your tactics and words.
You want a better deal? Well, try winning elections. You would have a far greater majority in the House, and a clear majority in the senate if you had backed quality candidates the last three cycles.
You own part of the issue. Try winning over yelling.
Secondly, your attacks on Speaker McCarthy and the threat to recall him, since any one of you can force a vote, is beyond ridiculous. He went to the negotiating table with the hand you gave him in electing representatives.
I hope you understand the other side feels as passionate the other way as you do.
What did you expect him to do? What would any of you have done differently, short of leading the nation into default and greater problems?
If your only answer is to attack your leader, then you are part of the problem.
Take a look at yourself, you are turning off Republicans who like McCarthy’s leadership, but then again you are probably used to losing by now.

A message to the far left of the Democratic Party:
You, who want to take us to socialism are so off base that you will destroy the fabric of the nation.
Your desire to keep spending, without income to match, is the perfect path like minded politicians took Venezuela and every other socialist experience on. Check the results for the people of those nations.
It’s easy to tell people what program you will give them for free. When you can’t say how you will fund them, you are baiting.
The thing in life is, someone has to pay the bill. You never get there.
And, for the record, don’t give me the Biden, “pay your fair share” line. What is fair share?
Give the number for federal, state and local taxes. Is it 90% as some of you say? What is it?

Here’s another idea.
Go get a job, of which there are plenty, and pay your own way. Stop having children, expecting others to pay your bills. You take a loan, it’s in your name, you pay it back.
Try responsibility. It’s not only good for the person, it’s good for the nation and the children’s future.
Let’s call it fair share responsibility; the way America grew, families bonding together to take care of each other and building a better America for tomorrow.
I can define that fair share.
It’s you taking responsibility for you and yours and then us assisting if circumstances warrant. It’s not us from the start.

We Can Start With Fiscal Responsibility.

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