The Debt…

The Vote Tonight

The agreement reached between the President’s and Speaker’s teams will pass tonight, despite all the noise you hear; and it will be with five days to spare before we hit the debt limit.
Those on the far right and far left don’t like it.
The right, because it still produces trillions of debt in the years ahead.
The far left, because we don’t spend enough.
From my standpoint this should be a top, if not the top, issue of the election next year.
The questions:
Do we continue to spend what we don’t have?
Do we raise revenue (taxes) to continue spending more?
Do we cut spending to get the budget into balance?
What do we cut?
How do we pay the bills and promises we made?
Can we do it over time, by controlling increases, allowing the tax revenue from a growing economy to narrow the gap?

Long time readers of this blog know we have long advocated that we need to balance the budget, and then begin to pay off the now $38 trillion dollar debt.
Politicians know that, but the allure of giving more potential voters a handout is too great for them.
We the people need to solve this, as we solve our own family spending and budgets.

Follow the vote today and listen to the arguments. This will pass as we said, but listen to the cutters, spenders and visionary officials who want to solve this.
Then decide how you will vote in the future.
You owe it to the country and world we will leave our children, grandchildren and future generations.

Just look around the nation today and you’ll see how much your informed vote matters.

As far as the vote tonight, I know you’re hearing a lot of noise from the anti’s. You could get the impression it might not pass. Wrong.
All you hear is media noise, which is what they do best.
Republican congressmen will vote for it 4-1, and a majority of Democrats will clearly do so too.

Put Me On The Side Of Controlled Spending And Getting Us To A Balanced Budget.

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