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Why Do Some Seem Content To Divide?

The story about Florida and the coverage it got, with the charges leveled, got me thinking about the racial divide some are creating. I wanted to address it today.

I am personally tired of all those who do nothing except to try and build a racial divide.
Why is that? Why do they do it?
It seems some exist to do only that.
It’s as if they want the foundation of our nation shaken and broken.
To them everything is racial. Why? Why? Why?
Why does the media fan this?
Is this the way we live?
I don’t see that in any way.
Look around you, do people get along? That’s what I see.
I see people are friends and care about one another.
I see more and more interracial couples and marriages.
I see integration all around.
I see people befriending others all around them.

I think people care about their children and want the best for them, no matter what their background.
I think people want the best healthcare, the best schools, the best life they can have.
The best neighborhoods and opportunity for their families and children.
I see people helping each other when in need.
I always think back to that fox hole next to me; it didn’t matter who was there, as long as we protected each other.

Yet, I watch the news and the President says the biggest threat to the nation is white supremacy. Really?
I see a media that covers a skin color crime with endless time and hype, as long as it’s not black on black or white on white.
Why is that?

I see them rush to judgement on things that they should not be doing so.
They condemn the Marine in the NY subway, when other passengers, including a black elderly woman, say he saved them. Why?
I see them rush to cover and judge, unfairly as it turns out, a six month pregnant nurse coming off a 12 hour shift, who said she rented the bike and was actually protecting it.
Do they apologize for getting it wrong? Of course not.
In the meantime, the nurse gets labeled a “Karen” and is suspended from her job.
How about suspending those who light the match with a false story and narrative?
How many still believe that Michael Brown in Ferguson had his hands up and said don’t shoot?
The media still covers that as fact, when it was a lie.

Why do they hysterically cover a white on black crime, when black on black affects the majority of victims.
Don’t their lives matter too? Why don’t they cover 90% of the crime with the same hysteria?
Why are they fueling hatred and division needlessly?

It’s so frustrating, untrue and divisive. It leads to mistrust, anger, and sometimes more crime. It divides rather unites a great nation, and it is unacceptable.
The media is dividing the nation with their coverage and bias.

Back to Florida. A reader did respond to the blog story yesterday with these stats. I wanted to share the comments and thank the reader.
According the US Census bureau the state of Florida has 151,490 black-owned businesses, with a population of 22.5 million.
For comparison, California has 119,921 black owned businesses with population of 39 Million.

The Igniters Are To Blame.

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