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The Republican Field Widens

This week the Republican field widens with Senator Tim Scott and Governor Ron DeSantis announcing they are in.
We can add them to the announced field of:
Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Larry Elder, Asa Hutchinson and Vivek Ramaswamy.
Then consider there are a number of others set to announce like former VP Mike Pence and Chris Christie.
Who does the large field favor?
Donald Trump without question.
His loyal primary followers are going to stick with him, no matter the convictions, charges or issues.
Who, in my opinion, can’t win the General Election?
Donald Trump.
In fact, if you want Democratic control of all three branches because of how well that worked out the first two years under Joe Biden, just nominate Trump.
I know the Trump supporters reading this don’t see it that way, but refusing to do so does not solve the issue.

Now, Governor DeSantis said this out loud last week. He said only three people have credible shots at the presidency today. The Current President, the former President and himself.
He then added, only one of them can beat President Biden and it was him.

Yesterday the respected Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana said the same. On CNN’s “State of the Union” he said, “I don’t think Trump can win a general election.”
Cassidy is not alone in this assessment.

Cassidy also took objection to DeSantis’ comment saying it was “a nice way for him to diss people like Tim Scott who’s a pretty formidable candidate.”
I happen to agree with that wholeheartedly too.
Elon Musk made a splash by posting on Twitter Senator Scott’s short thirty second comments.
If you haven’t seen it, I think it might be worth a look. It talks of individual responsibility in this time that we surely are lacking:
Here’s a link:

The other thing about the announced 2024 Republican field is its diversity.
Counting Scott and DeSantis there are seven candidates.
Four are what we define these days as minorities. Two African Americans, two Indian Americans (one female).
How is the press reacting to this? Here’s the NYT yesterday:
“The number of Black Republicans who won seats last year is a fraction of the total number who ran for state and local office under the G.O.P. — more than 80. And the Republican Party’s inroads with Black candidates have yet to overcome enduring feelings of distrust among Black voters toward the party. The ascension of Black Republicans such as [Sen. TIMSCOTT and [Kentucky AG and GOP gubernatorial nominee DANIELCAMERON comes against the backdrop of a Republican Party that has largely stood by as some of its members have employed overtly racist rhetoric and behavior.”
Oh yea, we have a fair press in America. Rather than celebrate this, they revert to the standard “Republicans are racist” attitude. Look no further than how they portray Supreme Court Justice Thomas.

Imagine if Scott is the nominee. An articulate conservative with a rags to riches story and true values. It would throw the left into a frenzy and certainly cause the President some issues.
Think about that.

Interesting Comment

The Mayor of New York gave us another classic yesterday.
He said the city is being let down and going to incur $4.3 Billion in costs because of illegal immigrants. He used the word “problem.”
Problem Mayor?
The President and his Homeland Security Director said the border is closed. Did you miss that?
The border czar (you know the VP), she is working on root causes. One day, she might even visit the closed border.
Please too, let’s not forget how proud you and the citizens of New York City are to be a sanctuary city.
Remember we got rid of that racist tyrant and his border policies, former President Trump.
By the way, you forgot to mention Gov Abbott yesterday and how he’s the problem.

We Are Off And Running For 2024.

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