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If you watched any part of the whistleblower hearing yesterday and didn’t come away disgusted and upset for our future, then we have differing observations.
Here’s what I saw:
I saw FBI agents raise their hands and under risk of jail if they did not tell the truth, agree to do that.
I then saw political partisanship that placed party and politics above nation.
I saw callous mistreatment of agents who said they saw corruption, wrong and wanted to correct it for the nation’s sake.
I didn’t see some asking the questions looking for truth.
I saw nothing but an attempt to discredit men who served our nation in the military and law enforcement.
I didn’t see that phony line they often use, why don’t good cops come forward on bad ones.
I saw some trying to discredit, only because they didn’t fit the narrative they wanted.
I saw congressional members trying every tactic to destroy theses public servants.
I saw a congressional member ask one if the twitter account she cited was his.
I saw the agent say no, but the congressional member, not listening for answers, went forward with the quote as if it was his.
When she finished she asked, “Now what do you say about that?”, and he had to repeat it wasn’t his account. It didn’t matter to her, she just continued.
I saw a disgrace yesterday.
If you didn’t and you saw a positive from whistleblowers in the last administration, you are part of the problem.

And beyond disgrace is the MSM not covering the hearing at all.

Here’s An Example On The State Of The Nation

This story out today, but not much coverage.
The Pentagon said an accounting mistake left the U.S. with an additional $3 billion to use in sending arms to Ukraine.
What? A $3 Billion accounting mistake? This is not major news?
What happened?
The military services inadvertently used a higher value for at least some of the weaponry the Pentagon sent to Ukraine, using valuations for new equipment instead of the older gear pulled out of U.S. stockpiles. The error could eliminate the administration’s need to ask Congress for more money to keep Kyiv in the fight this spring.

One Final Story And Thought

The rates of depression in America are on the rise, according to a new Gallup poll release.
Nearly 18% of Americans say they have depression, up from 10% less than a decade ago.
But, here’s the number that jumped at me:
Depression is rising especially quickly among young adults.
Twenty-five percent of individuals between the ages of 18 and 29 say they’re depressed.
That’s a stunning 12-point jump from 2017.
Twenty-five per cent of young adults!
I always think back to Tom Brokow’s book on the Greatest Generation.
As he talked to those young adults of the WWII generation and all their accomplishments, they named their one regret:
It was their failure to raise and instill the values they grew up with, into their children.
Now we have the children of their children, and they think the world and life is tough today.
Their Great Grandfathers went to a world war at their age and their Great Grandmothers went into the factories to support that effort. Their Grandparents went to Vietnam and lost 58,000+ of their generation.
Yea, they have it rough.
They even have a President trying to pay their college bills.

Just Things On My Mind Today.

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