Just Interesting Things To Watch Today

The President is in Japan for meetings prior to the G7. The President overseas is always interesting to watch.

Congress has some whistleblowers in for a hearing today. Interesting to see what they have to say. Interesting, too, to see how the media covers this. Remember the heroes they made of whistleblowers in the last admininstration?

There is a viable report that Gov. DeSantis is set to officially enter the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination next week. If he does, then it’s gloves off between him and the former President.

Montana Gov. Gianforte signed a new law prohibiting downloads of TikTok in the state.
It takes effect Jan. 1 and would fine any “entity” — an app store or TikTok — $10,000 per day for each time someone “is offered the ability” to access the social media platform or download the app.
Get ready for the court battle, but after all the talk, this Gov. took action.
The penalties would apply to companies and not individual users.

Now we read that military officials caught National Guard Member Jack Teixeira mishandling secrets months before he was charged with leaking documents online. Isn’t the question – why?
Why, after one time is a person not removed, charged and fired?

The abortion issue is in the news again. Two states, North and South Carolina, passed date restrictions for allowable abortions. NC set a 12 week limit. SC a six week limit. It will be interesting to see the impact here.
The NC Gov. had vetoed the bill, but the state house overrode his veto.
The question I have, is six and twelve weeks too soon? I know the public backs a deadline, but it’s 15 – 20 weeks. Whey wouldn’t you set a date the populace backs instead of creating more questions?

In primaries and elections this past Tuesday the Democrats won every major contested election. That included a house seat in PA that would decide control. They overturned a Republican Mayor in Jacksonville. I didn’t see any good news for Republicans.
One interesting race was for Mayor in Philadelphia. Cherelle Parker won the Democratic nod. Besides being the first woman mayor in the city, she has called for hiring 300 cops for foot and bike patrols. She beat a more progressive primary opponent.

After 134 years, The Wall Street Journal will no longer use courtesy titles — Mr., Ms., Mrs., Miss or Mx. before last names.

On a lighter note, how about a little fantasy. Prince Harry and Meghan said paparazzi chased them at high speeds, for two hours in Manhattan. Hmmm. Two hours in NYC at high speeds? Two police officers were hurt? They just avoided catastrophic accidents? HMMM.
No video in NYC? No police officers reported hurt? No accident? What were they thinking?

Just Some Interesting Tidbits.

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