It Feels Like A Week Of Recycled News.

We got the Durham report on the 2016 election which told us the FBI failed in its role. Conservative media hailed the report because it validated its reporting that Russian Collusion with the Trump camp was a false story.
Liberal media hailed the report because Durham didn’t bring any charges to back Trumps charge that this was the crime of the century.
From my standpoint, the whole Russian Collusion, which we now know was a Clinton campaign act combined with the phony Steele Dossier, the bleach bit and smashed phones, certainly enjoyed much more scrutiny than it got.
The FBI knew it was a lie, according to Durham, and allowed it to go forward. Obama, Clinton and Biden knew. Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff knew. The media knew and kept reporting it as if it were factual.
In fact, with the majority of Americans still believing the Trump rumors because of the media coverage, it tells how biased the media is.
You will never convince me that wasn’t election interference.

Here’s an update on a story we have been telling you about.
A House committee is planning to vote next week (May 24th) to hold Secretary of State Blinken in criminal contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents related to the Biden administration’s abrupt U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.
That’s the report from the Afghanistan embassy on what was going to happen if they withdrew. You know, the withdrawal where the President has said no one told him anything negative or recommended otherwise.
Of course, we know now he lied and the Generals did, but his own embassy staff wrote a memo he won’t share.
If this hearing and vote holds, Blinken will be the first secretary of state ever held in contempt of Congress.  

Meanwhile, here’s another story moving in an interesting direction.
House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan released an “interim joint staff report” on how the Biden campaign reacted to the Oct. 2020 New York Post story on the laptop. You know, that letter signed by 51 “experts.”
Staffers for the House Judiciary and Intelligence panels looked into a letter released by the former intelligence officials alleging the story has “all the classic earmarks” of Russian disinformation. 
They found the letter “was a political operation to help elect” Biden, and the Biden campaign “took active measures to discredit the allegations about Hunter by exploiting the national security credentials of former intelligence officials.” 
Guess who was a key player? Secretary Blinken who then was a Biden campaign advisor.
Isn’t this election interference?

I again watched the local New York News and city residents were up in arms over the Mayor’s plan to place migrants in shelters, including converting school gymnasiums into shelters.
People were protesting in mass. There was a major outcry.
I couldn’t help but thinking you voted, about 80% for Joe Biden. You elected Eric Adams, you were proud of your legislatures and governor announcing you’re a sanctuary city. You took pride in it all.
What’s the problem now?
You voted for this. You proudly stated it. What did you think you were voting for?

Let’s close today with a few questions on all this:
If Donald Trump, or any Republican for that matter would have funded a false Steele dossier report about Hillary, Obama or Biden, would the media have reported it as fact for 2 1/2 years or called it out and demanded resignation by the person who paid for it?
If Mike Pompeo or any ex Republican official would have organized a false document to protect Donald Trump in a debate, would he still be serving as Secretary of State, or would he have been pounded out of office?
If a Republican would have orchestrated that failed withdrawal, with American troop and Afghan civilian deaths, would they have gotten away with not releasing the report from their embassy?
If a Republican President said no one told him that leaving that way would be an issue, would we know what the Generals and Embassy personnel said?
If a Republican Presidents border policies were producing the illegal immigration we have today, would there be no coverage in the MSM?
If a Republican President’s polices were resulting in kids losing school gyms like NYC, would it be a major story about a failed President?

The Media Is The Problem.

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