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The Durham report makes clear a failed FBI allowed the story of the Russian Collusion to percolate and fester for two and a half years.
We were inundated daily with breaking news stories furthering the false narrative.
Reporters won Pulitzer and writing prizes for their reporting – on a false story.
Congressman (think Adam Schiff) saw the evidence they told us.
It was all a lie.
Did that lie affect the 2020 election? Does the MSM ever tell you it did?

The more I hear and see the NYC subway story about the Marine being indicted, the angrier I get.
The NYC Mayor and the failed DA allowed a mob mentality to lead them.
Another example of failed leadership. Another example of politicians acting for party over nation.
You are less safe in that city now. No sane law abiding citizen is coming to anyones aide.

Here’s another example we’ve written about and the party over nation axiom applies. Abortion.
Here’s the results of a survey released yesterday:
“There are about 15-20% on each side who want absolutely no restrictions or absolutely no abortions unless it’s for the life of the mother.”
Got that? There are extremes on both sides of the issue, but far from a majority.
The Poll showed:
That 61% of Americans favor keeping abortion legal in “most or all circumstances in the first trimester,” or about 13 weeks of gestation.
In the second trimester, 65% said abortion should be illegal in most circumstances.
That figure rose to 80% in the third trimester.
Just looking at that, you see the answer for now, don’t you?
Americans don’t want abortions at nine months, nor do they want to never allow one.
They want a timeframe.
If we had real leaders wouldn’t they work to satisfy that, and then both sides can go ahead and try and convince people why their extreme position is right. But no, our politicians would rather have an issue than solve problems.

The debt ceiling rises as the clock ticks. There is a meeting today.
Remember, this has until June to be solved, which is when it will be.

The IRS removed the entire investigative team from the Hunter Biden tax-fraud probe last night. Why?
We don’t know the answer yet. However, the attorneys for a whistleblower within the tax agency told Congress in a letter that the purge was retaliation done on the orders of the Justice Department.
Watch this in the days ahead as the questions heat up.

Just Catching Up This Morning.


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