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The Border

Do any of us who have been talking about the border decision this administration made on day one requires any comment? Even the MSM has caught up with it, though reluctantly and trying to minimize the chaos.
I heard the useless Mayorkas trying to blame congress this morning and a judge blocked the administration scheme to ship people out without even registering. Why did they want to do that? To avoid the optics of the chaos they are causing.
If you don’t know that the Biden administration owns this mess, then you have not been paying attention.
They opened this border to all.
What country in this world has such an open border?
Who came in? Where are they going to live and work?
Why is fentanyl availability growing and killing so many?
You know every time there is a shooting we talk of the number shot; here’s a question.
How many are dying because of the illegal fentanyl coming across the border?
Over 150 a day. Where is the coverage and analysis from the media on that?

Then, let me add this.
The Mayors in NY and Chicago and the Homeland Director are on the air calling Gov. Abbott names this AM.
Let me try and understand their position, because I don’t get it.
You are allowing 15,000 to come across the border daily now. What’s Abbott supposed to do with them? Where’s he supposed to house them? Feed them? Get care for them?
His state is clear, don’t come here.
So he buses a few to “sanctuary cities” that made a big deal about how “welcoming” they are and they go crazy? Wait, you’re welcoming when they’re someone else’s problem?
Abbott’s a racist? And, the media covers that and gives them credibility? In N.Y.C. they show over crowding at the hotels holding the migrants, as if Texas, with fifty times more people doesn’t have a bigger issue?

Here are two interesting quotes from Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar of Texas:
“The buses that they’re sending to D.C. or Chicago or New York are just a drop of what a border community [sees] — and they’re already complaining. They’re already complaining. They’re talking about sending buses from New York City to other places! … It’s different when it happens in your own backyard.”

“A lot of first-generation Americans — mainly Hispanics in South Texas … they’re saying: ‘Hold it. We and our parents came in through a long process, [a] legal process.’ And they’re seeing people just come through the border. … It causes a little resentment. And I emphasize the word ‘resentment,’ because a lot of first-generation Hispanics did it the right way.”

This border issue is owned by the progressive left that Joe Biden has supported.

In NYC They Charge A Good Samaritan

Let me be as clear as I can here.
This morning they charged the ex-marine with manslaughter for his actions on the subway.
Well, you can be sure there will be no more public assistance for anyone in trouble in the city. You are on your own.
D.A. Bragg is useless.
He lets criminals who set out to commit crimes free, while an ex soldier who steps in to help innocent citizens is charged.
He let the victim here free 44 times after he was arrested. Forty-four times. What do you think the eventual outcome is going to be? Someone is going to die. In this case it was him and not an innocent citizen.
He should arrest himself, because he’s as much responsible for the death as anyone.

Then I hear the victim’s family is “demanding” an arrest of the ex-marine.
What part of this do they own? The report is they locked him out of their home because of violence.
They knew he was arrested 44 times.
They knew he had punched elderly women so hard they were hospitalized.
They let him walk the streets. What did they think was going to happen?

The Debt and Budget

The follow-up meeting between the President and the Congressional four leaders was cancelled for this morning.
As we said after the first meeting, this is going to deadline in June.
We don’t have leaders looking for the best interest of America, we have politicians looking for votes.
The first thing to go by the wayside are facts.
If you believe Joe Biden is cutting the debt, you are a charter member of the fool me all the time club.
First of all, the debt is going up every minute of every day.
The debt went up even faster with covid spending.
Who do you think paid for those free checks you got during lockdown? Your children will pay in the future.
So we stop covid spending and the President says he cut the debt.
The only thing that went down was the additional spending for Covid.
You can check the President’s budget, it contains a $1.7 trillion dollar debt increase.
Only in Washington can you increase something by $1.7 trillion and tell people you reduced it.

We Need To Smarten Up.

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