Trump, Biden, Comers and The MSM

Let’s Start With Trump and CNN

Okay, this was billed as a Town Hall right? Thus, question one is, did the host here interject, question more, and challenge the former President more than MSNBC did in its hour long interview with the current President Friday?
The answer is, by far, and tougher in tone, content and actuality, by calling him a liar.
If you didn’t see the MSNBC interview, the moderator actually led with a question about Biden family corruption like this:
I know you’re not involved or implicated in any way, but did Hunter do anything…..?
Think of that apologetic tone and contrast it to the vehemence of the words last night.
The MSM is a large part of the problem.

Now, Donald Trump.
As far as I am concerned, he did himself no good last night. Oh, his loyal and blind supporters will say he aced the night. Yea, he did, if the primary was the general election, because in the latter, he lost ground.
Why the Democrats are trying to push him out is beyond me. In my opinion, he is the only candidate that President Biden can beat.
What happened last night to cause me to say this?
Well, first of all, on question one he again said he was cheated in 2020, and then used the same discredited reasons. The ballot boxes, the counting, the hidden ballots…..
When challenged that every court case challenging the election lost in every state, he didn’t care.
He saw people voting seven times.
When he named Wisconsin, the moderator hit him over the head with the recount he paid for; which, when it was over, he lost the state by more votes.
He went back to Georgia and was hit with the Republicans in state office investigated and found nothing.
He blamed Mike Pence, again, for being an honorable man and doing his duty,
This went on for minutes and was cringe worthy.
Now, should he have been prepared for this question? Of course.
Was there an answer he could have given? Yes. Did he? No. Why? Because he’s Donald Trump.
Here’s the answer to question one from CNN. Mr. President, do you still think you were cheated in 2020?
Oh, I was cheated, and if you don’t see it, then you are misinformed, blind or too prejudice for the truth.
Did you see the information about the letter about the 51 former agents lying about the laptop?
Did you see why they did it?
They said they did it to influence the vote and give Joe Biden an answer in the debate. They lied to change votes and Joe Biden knew.
Did you see the polls that say one in six of Biden voters would have voted differently if they knew that? Would that have changed the election?
Would you reporting on the laptop and its contents have made a difference? You buried it as Russian misinformation. You were wrong. Did that influence people? The polls say it did.
Did Twitter, Facebook and social media not covering the truth and making noise about people supporting me with the truth being banned influence people?
Did your false reporting for two and a half years that I was colluding with the Russians influence people?
Yes, the election was influenced and you, CNN, were part of the reason.
And by the way, when you have 92% negative coverage about a person, it makes a difference.
People know the economy under my administration was far superior to the economy today.
Were real wages up during my time? Are they down now? You don’t report it, but people know.
They know gas prices are up 50%. They know what inflation has done to their family budgets.
They know in foreign affairs how much better we were.
How do you explain his positive coverage versus my 92% negative?
You get the idea.
The problem is the former President had the chance to be so prepared for every question, because every one was predictable, but he’s Donald Trump, he’s a genius, he doesn’t need to do that.
I’ll write it again.
He can win a primary, but cannot win in the general election. If you want to win, you need to go in another direction.

The Comer’s Team Presentation

No MSM outlet thought covering the Comer’s House Team presentation on their findings to date on the Biden family was worth covering.
No outlet reported on it. No reporters asked the President questions about it yesterday when they had the chance.
I laid it out all week, that the committee better have details or they would all be Adam Schiff’s.
I watched the conference in full.
They don’t have the “smoking gun” in the Presidents hand, but they had a ton of smoke around his family.
This deserved coverage, if for no other reason than we should know why so much money ($13 million outlined yesterday) went to nine members of the Biden family.
What services were they providing? What business are they in?
What did Hunter do? His first wife? His brother’s wife? His children? The Presidents grandchildren (3 of them received funds).The President’s Brother and his wife. Nine in total.
How come the money came from countries that the former President was managing at the time?
How come the money was washed, in the sense they went to dummy LLC’s and then the Biden family?
Maybe it’s all innocent and the brother, son, wives and grandchildren did something. Don’t we deserve to know?
Well, the MSM doesn’t even think the American People should know there is an issue.
No coverage. Nothing.

Remember when there was no coverage of the border crisis? The MSM didn’t cover it for a year. Trump was the issue, not the Biden policy.
Watch them tonight and tomorrow. Plenty of coverage is coming for what they didn’t see.

The problem is they control the airwaves and won’t criticize themselves.

The Media Is Failing Us.

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