Time To Put Up … Or…

Two Put Ups Or Else

Congressman Comer has been all over the air waves (of the venues that will carry him and the subject) about corruption and how Hunter, the President and many members of the Biden family are involved. Tomorrow at 9:00 he has a planned press conference where he has to lay this out.
It’s put up, Congressman, or Shut Up time.
If you fail tomorrow to present the case you have shouted for months, then you are the Republican version of Adam Schiff. The man who saw the evidence that wasn’t.
All eyes on Congressman Comer tomorrow.

While today, it’s all eyes on the meeting between McCarthy, McConnell and the President on the budget, debt and spending.
Both sides have drawn a line in the sand. It’s put up or shut up time here. Something has to give.
Do we just continue barreling down the path of ever increasing the debt; or did we begin to try and control things?

The Polls

Yesterday the ABC poll that showed President Biden at a record low and losing by 7 points to former President Trump got a lot of play.
You know what didn’t?
The sampling in the poll, which has been so quiet. I understand they sampled more Republicans than Democrats in it.
Now, you know how strongly Republicans are anti Biden and, in a choice between the two, don’t you expect they would say “Trump?”
In addition, you know Democrats are wary of President Biden and wonder about age and stamina.
They say that every poll, but would back him against the former President.
Thus, if they over sample Republicans, what do you think the poll will show?
Most polls over sample Democrats because there are more registered Democrats than Republicans.
Why would they do this?
When people figure out what happened, watch the theories come — from both sides.
They wanted to bolster Trump because they know Biden can beat him.
They wanted to make Biden look bad because they know what is coming from the Republican investigation.

Just A Thought On The Noise

There’s a lot of noise and coverage about the NYC subway incident and local activists jumping on the tracks and blocking trains, disrupting life for working citizens. They want the marine arrested and can’t understand why he is not.
Of course there is no concern for the 44 times the victim was arrested, including the last two for attacking and beating woman on the street. The last, a 61 year old, who ended up in the hospital for facial wounds.
Then there was the shooting in Allen, Texas this weekend.
There was one thing that both, the NY Subway victim and the shooter in Texas, had in common.
You know what it was?
Both had been diagnosed with mental illness.
In fact, the NYC subway victim was identified a top 50 in the city for illness and help needed.
In Texas, the shooter was dismissed from the military after three months for mental issues.
Yet, they were on the streets, allowed to do havoc and not getting care.
You want to arrest a marine for that?
Who do you blame for the eight dead? The gun?
How about the attitude we have, that we will stigmatize the individual if we take them off the streets?
If you ask me, that’s the problem.

Interesting Days Ahead.

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