Now What?

First The Verdict

Now we’ll see what the public verdict is. The jury said there was no rape, but there was guilt and liable for sexual abuse and defamation. They ordered him to pay $5 million in damages.
As the verdict unfolded, first came the rape charge. Not guilty.
From this corner, I didn’t see how a rape could occur in a dressing room of a busy Manhattan department store.
That just didn’t seem feasible.
Then came the verdict on sexual abuse. Guilty.
Did that seem feasible? Yes, it did. The former President’s own words made it seem feasible.
In his deposition he defended that cringe worthy tape of his ability to “grab women” and they liked it. He said “right or wrong,” stars got away with that forever. Asked if he was a star, he said “yes.”
Then, after saying the plaintiff was “not his type,” he was shown a photo and named the plaintiff as his second wife (Marla Maples). I would guess at some point she was his type.

In the end, no matter what happened, and I think something happened, the verdict now belongs to we the people.
What do I think happened?
Well, I wonder why the plaintiff went into a dressing room alone with Donald Trump. She said he asked her to pick something out for a friend; how did that end up in a dressing room?
He didn’t carry her in. He didn’t force her in. How come she walked into a dressing room with him? Especially since the dressing rooms then were designated by gender.
Did a rape occur there? No way.
Did some other things happen? I would be inclined to guess yes. What and what occurred after, we’ll never know, but I am guessing something happened.

If Republican voters disregard this, you are setting up the party for a disaster in 2024.
When Joe Biden turns to him and says:
“You are a convicted sexual abuser and women will not vote for you. You don’t want them to control their own bodies and you think as a star you can abuse them. You are no star, you are nothing more than a sexual predator. “

The Budget Meeting

The four congressional leaders met with the President to discuss the budget, debt and extending our borrowing.
When it was over, they all agreed they made no progress.
Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The deadline is not until June, and there will be no solution until the very end.
It’s called politics and gives the media great stories to write.

Time To Put Up

As of this writing we’re awaiting the press conference on the Biden records, charges and money movement. After all the talk, they better have some real concrete information or their entire future will be Schiff like.
What’s that? Your mouth moves, words come out and people hear, but don’t believe.

Quite A Week So Far – And Title 42 Ends Tomorrow.

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