Title 42….

Title 42 Ends And So It Begins

We are days from Title 42 ending, and the estimate is that from 7,000 illegal crossings a day we are about to triple that. Seven thousand a day is 2.5 million people each year. Now we are about to triple that?

Let’s settle one thing first. We want immigration. It is a part of a growing nation. You want to be a place where people want to come. You want workers and people seeking the American Dream.
However, we want legal and controlled immigration. You bring in individuals who have applied legally, been vetted and fill a skill set void you need.
What we have had the last two years is a sham, and it’s about to get worse.

Now both the President and his Homeland Security Director have talked about the 1,500 troops that are being sent to the border.
Except they are not going to secure the border, which we would need 150,000 for. They are going to do paperwork to register people so we don’t have a stampede in the holding center.
Think about that. We are using troops to take information so illegal border crosses can move into the country faster.
What country that has real leadership would do that? We talk about China all the time, would they?

Add to this mess we have politicians who, because the President is a member of their party, refuse to call him out, but instead want to call the Governor of Texas prejudice.
Prejudice for shipping people from his border state to a state they want to go? This mess is Governor Abbott’s fault? If you even think that is possible you may want to ask yourself this.
If Trump were the president, the Governor of Texas a Democrat and the Mayor of New York a Republican, would you say the same thing?
Would you say this is the Governor’s fault, or would you say it’s the President’s policies. If you answer different here than you see it now, consider yourself biased.

To point how hypocritical Mayor Adams was in calling Gov. Abbott a racist for busing illegal crosses to the city of their choice, consider this.
Abbott is overwhelmed with thousands of illegals daily for over two years. He is sharing the pain, and NYC, a sanctuary city, says enough. We can’t take a few buses a week. You are racist sending these people here.
Well guess what?
The Mayor of NY is shipping migrants, via bus, to counties outside his city. You can’t make this up. He is doing exactly what the Governor of Texas did, except this time the migrants did not ask to leave NYC.
How hypocritical can you be?
The neighboring county elected leader immediately reacted saying the Mayor better not do it. He even threatened to “grab the mayor by the throat.”
Thus, we have a mess across the board. Who does the Mayor never mention? The President.
You see, he’s of the same party, so he won’t speak up as to who owns this.
When they care more about party than nation, we have failed leadership.
The border is a major problem, no matter how little the MSM wants to cover it.

Political News

I say again, watch the civil trial in NY which has closing arguments today. I still think it’s bigger than most realize.

The race in California to replace Diane Feinstein is shaping up as quite a donnybrook. Consider this:
Yesterday, Rep. Barbara Lee was endorsed by Rep. James Clyburn (SC), while Rep. Katie Porter was endorsed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
Then we have former Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorsing Rep. Adam Schiff(D-CA).

President Biden will meet at the White House with the congressional Big Four tomorrow. (Speaker McCarthy, Minority Leader Jeffries, Senate Leader Schumer and Minority Leader McConnell.)
Here’s a surprising fact (to me at least); this is the first time the five of them will sit down together while serving in their current roles.

On Thursday, Jim Jordan and the Judiciary committee has former CIA Director, John Brennan, before it. They are probing the circumstances surrounding the letter signed by Brennan and dozens other former intelligence officials describing the Hunter Biden laptop story as Russian disinformation.

On Friday, Jim Jordan’s committee will have Mark Pomerantz, the former special assistant district attorney at the Manhattan DA’s office before it. You remember this was the hearing DA Bragg went to court to negate.

We’re Off To A New Week.

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