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Let’s Wrap Up A Few Stories

The NY D.A. is still considering what to do about the subway incident. The left has already decided, the Marine is wrong and should be locked up.
I say again, wrong.
You want to place blame? Try the D.A. who let the obviously troubled individual loose 44 times after arrest.
Try the Governor, State of NY and City, who think homeless is a right and not to be dealt with.
The “right” of individuals to “live on the street” is a sick mentality that sets up things like this.
Finally, all the videos we have watched about crime on the subway and wondered why no one stepped in, now someone did and we want to charge them? That will help innocent travelers in the future.
How about the city and state doing the right thing to protect citizens who do not go out to commit crimes?

While on New York, incredibly, the Mayor (with support from the Governor) calls the Texas Governor racist for shipping immigrants to his city, Chicago, Philadelphia and Houston.
These cities he stressed have no means to support any more illegal immigrants.
Adams actually said this:
“With a vacuum of leadership from border states, we need the federal government to step in and provide us with support and to prevent this cruelty from continuing.” 
Let’s examine that.
The vacuum is in the border states? They actually have a solution, shipping some to you.
Your statement is exactly what’s wrong with leadership in our nation.
Your loyalty is to party above country.
The Republican Governor is not the problem. He’s a Governor of a border state where hundreds of thousands are flowing across because the President won’t stop it. In fact, he says “there’s no issue.”
How are those border cities supposed to handle the influx? They get no support or relief.
They are not “proud sanctuary” cities as NY, Chicago and the others are. In fact, those cities made a big deal of being a sanctuary city when the former President was in office and controlling the border. (Because he was mean, uncaring and a racist, they said.)
You mean it’s only a problem when it impacts you?
If you don’t see the hypocrisy of that, consider yourself indoctrinated by the left.

And, if you think its a problem now, wait until next week with Title 42 being lifted.
The MSM won’t tell you, but the administration and their border czar are completely unprepared for that.

So we have inflation threatening our economy, and a possible recession, because of rising prices, and what does Bernie Sanders see as the solution? Raise the minimum wage to $17.00 an hour.
They have no clue when you raise business costs or taxes, you raise prices.
And you would be amazed at how many think “yea, raise their taxes, it doesn’t affect me.”

And enough with the “pay your fair share” junk, Mr. President.
You really want them to play their fair share? Stop the rhetoric and take away the deductions. You can raise the rate as high as you want, but until you take away the deductions they will reduce their rate.
You know that, but I guess you can fool some of the people all the time.
If you can’t figure that out and do it, then be prepared for higher prices, because that will be the result.

In announcing his plan to seek a second term, the President said he has “unfinished business.” Now, this scared a lot of people, so what are some of the specifics?
He signaled this will include universal prekindergarten, expanded eldercare benefits, more affordable housing, and new social programs.
Oh, great. We all want that, right?
Well, how do you pay the bill with a deficit growing to $31.8 trillion next week?
The border? It’s all fine. Crime? Not an issue. Inflation? It’s transitory. The debt? It’s nothing.
Just spend more and don’t worry.

Former President Trump reiterated again that he intended to skip the first two Republican debates.
His reasoning, why give others a platform?
I say again, the civil trial ending today in NY is a minefield that could blow up on him.

Republican chances to pick up a senate seat in Maryland disappeared when ex Gov. Hogan said he is not interested in running. His quote:
The Senate is an entirely different job. You’re one of 100 people arguing all day. Not a lot gets done in the Senate, and most former governors that I know that go into the Senate aren’t thrilled with the job.” 

Meanwhile, AOC said she is not planning to run for senator. A big change from a few weeks ago when she indicated she was considering it. She took a hit with Emily’s list endorsing current Senator Gillibrand. Then this week the NACCP gave the senator an A+ rating.

Just Some Stories We Wanted To Catch Up On Before The Weekend.

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