It’s A Divide…

Let’s say that the House Oversight Chair Rep. Raskin and an old experienced and respected senator like Dick Durbin, brought forward some charges that Donald Trump or George Bush or Ronald Reagan, had gotten payoffs from a foreign government to influence a decision, and they have proof from a whistleblower with documents.
Would have that been a major breaking story? Would there have been wall to wall coverage?

Well, yesterday there was such a story. It was a most respected Senator Grassley and the House Oversight Chairperson Comer who broke it.
I imagine many of you reading this have heard it. The story was covered by the right leaning venues. It is front page in the NY Post today.

However, the MSM did not see any reason to cover it. GMA, again, skipped over it in their main segment this AM.
The NYT front page has nothing.

We don’t know if there is anything to this story. It could well be another smoke screen with no fire. It could be something. We did have a most respected Senator, who has been extremely fair and reliable before, talk about it.
Yet, no coverage.
Would it have been the same if it were about a Republican? It is a fair, non biased media we need.

While I am on politics, the civil trial against Donald Trump is drawing to a close. Expect a decision early next week. GMA did cover it this AM.
As you are aware I have been saying this is going to have a far bigger impact than people realize.
I say again, watch this and the aftermath if Trump loses. Why?
Imagine the debate stage when a primary challenger or President Biden turns to him and says, “you’re a convicted rapist.”
Game over.

A Breaking Case and Opinion

Here’s a story that is going to get big, then bigger and bigger again. It is the incident in the NY Subway yesterday, where a former Marine tackled and put in a chokehold a passenger who, according to riders, was threatening them. The passenger died.
The DA in Manhattan, you know him, is investigating. If that DA would charge an older store clerk with murder because he protected himself against an attack, imagine what he will do here.
In that case, you may recall, a women came in to buy chips and candy, and her WIC card balance was zero. The clerk said she could not take the stuff. She threatened to get her boyfriend to beat him up, and then did.

The boyfriend came, went behind the counter and began to beat upon the worker, who grabbed a knife and stabbed him. Who goes to Rikers and is charged? The store clerk. He spent a week before public outcry caused a stop to it.
Well, here’s my thought on yesterday’s incident.

The person who was killed was homeless and had a rough life. His Mother was murdered by his stepdad and stuffed into a suitcase when he was 14. He was called to testify in the case when he was 18.
He became homeless and has been arrested 44 times.
Yesterday, according to the riders in the car, he became “unhinged, yelling at riders” and making clear he “didn’t care if he went to jail.” Police reported he had been throwing garbage at riders.
The young marine (24 years old), approached and brought the victim down and held him in a choke hold. Other riders helped.
Now the DA is investigating murder charges against the ex marine.
Here’s an opinion from me:
The ex-marine, and every passenger on that subway car, did not board it with any intent to commit a crime. They were going to work, returning home or visiting.
What happened was all because of what the victim did. It was his actions that caused the reactions. Every action you take in life has ramifications. He caused the incident, not anyone else.
It’s about time we held people responsible for their actions.

Did the people who took action intend to kill him? No. Everyone said that. They wanted to restraint him.
They all began their day to do what they needed in their lives. Not one intended to commit a crime, or get into an altercation. Now you want to lock them up? You should have locked up the person you arrested 44 times. It would have saved his life and these innocent citizens.
You want to hold someone responsible, I have the answer for you.
Mr. DA, look at your department and the city of NY social justice system. You and your city set this up to happen. You want to see the problem, look in the mirror.

My Thoughts This Morning.

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