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I am so tired of this budget battle and its back and forth. I am tired of the outright lies, the misstatements and the failure of leadership.

We have a spending problem in this nation. We are increasing debt at an alarming rate and dropping the value of the dollar at the very moment China is moving to establish the Yuan as the world barometer.
When the President and his team say they will accept no compromises or cuts and we must spend what they want and proposed, it is simply shocking. It’s a $6.9 Trillion dollar budget. We have a $31.7 Trillion dollar deficit. Are we supposed to just continue adding on? Doesn’t anybody know that one day the bills come due?

Yesterday it was reported that year to date tax receipts are down $74 billion dollars versus last year.
While federal spending is $359 billion above last year.
You got that? Spending is up and income is down.
The deficit is up $433 billion versus last year. (Last year’s deficit was $1.4 trillion, and we are up this year.)

We’ve spent more than we’ve taken in for 21 years running.
When is enough, enough?

Have we reached the point where people care only about themselves and what they can get and not the nation, our future and children?
It certainly seems like that.

Let’s remember this too. In the past five quarters the U.S. economy has grown under 1%.
Despite what you hear the President saying how great things are. Under 1%.
Now add this fact. Inflation over that time has been 6.4%.
Remember, inflation is growing faster than wages are rising. This is the opposite of the previous administration.
The answer is not to spend more, cause the fed to act more and increase the problem.

So the Republican House sends a budget proposal that says let’s increase spending by 1% a year and get the deficit down.
The administration refuses to discuss it.
Then they go on the air and say they are “cutting” your benefits.
You see, only in Washington is spending more a cut, because it’s not all the spending they want.
Yet, they fool the people, because you can fool some people ALL the time.
I had a friend who heard the administration said that “they” were cutting veteran benefits and wouldn’t believe me that the House had no proposal to cut veteran benefits.
There was a time you could count on the media to tell the truth. Not anymore.
The MSM, in their bias, doesn’t do that anymore. They are too busy saving America from Donald Trump.

From this blog, we say enough. We need to get the budget under control and then balanced. Then we need to begin paying back the debt we spent on ourselves. We need to save the American economy and reestablish our nation’s standing.
In America, you go to work and pay your own way. Enough with all this spending.

My Opinion.

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