Self Acclaim…

The press held its annual event on Saturday night and, as always, acclaimed itself for their brilliance, role, actions and performance.
They had a particularly good time being able to lock in on FoxNews for the Tucker move and the Dominion agreement.
They were able to poke fun on their lead competitor and reinforce their beliefs.
Poke fun at the President, who has a lot of open avenues for it? Not so much.

Meanwhile, FoxNews did not have a good week in the ratings. They held the lead spot in cable, but the gap narrowed dramatically with MSNBC.
It’s early, but the Tucker firing seems to have impacted them more than previous ones on Bill O’Reilly and Megan Kelly. We’ll see if it’s long term or not.
I should note that Newsmax did have a good week and picked up viewers. Nowhere near what Fox lost, but a good number. Overall, cable news viewership numbers were down and it was all FoxNews.

One last note on this. There are rumors that Fox is going to make moves on more hosts. Two prominent names mentioned were Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro, If these two go, the former especially, I think you’ll see a further deterioration for the station.

Political News

If you watched any Sunday News Show yesterday I want to assure you heard this from Meet The Press:
Homeland Director Mayorkas said President Joe Biden “delivered a solution” to the crisis “on Day 1” of his term in the form of immigration reform legislation, and put the blame on Congress for being slow to act.
Now, just think back to how the Democrats controlled both houses of congress and stuck together as one, to get through every piece of legislation they wanted.
Now the border that he claimed over and over “was under control” is congresses fault.
Can you believe that?
But, then again you can fool some of the people ….. Add a supportive media and you’re good to go.

Did you see the defense from Trumps attorneys on the classified documents? As reported in the Washington Times, here it is:
The staff at the “overly political” National Archives refused to help President Trump pack up his office in the final days of his administration and their absence caused him to unknowingly take classified material to his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.
They said that the National Archives and Records Administration “unfortunately has become overtly political and declined to provide archival assistance to President Trump’s transition team.”
Adding this:
Had National Archives staff offered to help pack in Mr. Trump’s final days in office, “he would have accepted the offer and there would have been no reason to transfer the documents to Mar-a-Lago.”

Senator Manchin has a formal challenger and it is a real one. Governor Jim Justice announced he is running and this race is real. In fact you would probably make Justice the favorite now, but he faces a primary and we’ll see how he and his opponent (Rep. Alex Mooney) beat each other up.

Senator Rick Scott introduced legislation that would put armed guards in every U.S. school. How would he fund this? With $80 billion in proposed reprogramming of the IRS appropriations for 87,000 new agents.
How do you feel about that? More IRS agents to review your taxes or guards to protect your kids?

The 1% mortgage penalty goes into effect today. The one where if you have good credit you pay more so those who have bad credit can pay less.
If that makes sense to you, consider yourself a woke progressive.
Most of us were raised to do things the right way and win. This makes you a loser.

Lots of discussion on the House debt bill that was passed. Republicans continued stressing what they call the positives of the bill. Among them are:
– Work requirements for welfare benefits for able-bodied adults
– More domestic energy production
– No funding for 87,000 new IRS goons
– A one percent cap on spending
– No $300 billion green energy slush fund
– A one percent cap on spending
– No new major regulations without approval by Congress
– A one-year rise in the debt ceiling

The President and Senator Schumer, as leader of the Senate, both said that none are acceptable and only a raising of the debt limit with no cuts is acceptable.

As you will recall, Donald Trump lost in court trying to prevent former Vice President Pence from testifying before the Jan. 6 grand jury investigation. A day after the federal appeals court ruling, Pence was before the committee for five hours.
Just another one of those court trials that the former President is facing.
I say again, watch closely this civil trial, it is not getting coverage, but it could end up with a big impact.

Did you see that President Zelenskyy (Ukraine) said he and Chinese leader Xi Jinping had a “long and meaningful” phone call last week? This was the first known contact since Russia invaded Ukraine over a year ago, and Beijing appointed an envoy to pursue a “political settlement.”
The negotiate a settlement leadership is the kind of thing a U.S. President used to do.

A big endorsement for Senator Gillibrand who we mentioned last week was likely to be challenged from the progressive left. She got it from Emily’s List, the pro-abortion rights group that aims to elect Democratic women. The early backing from a major Democratic campaign group is notable for her.
Interestingly, Politico reported yesterday that AOC is leaning to not challenging her in 2024.

Later this morning Hunter Biden is supposed to be in a Colorado Court on child alimony payments. I’m most interested to see how this is maneuvered by the attorneys.

One interesting tidbit on life and inflation today. Consider this:
Inflation may make a penny worth less — but it also makes that penny cost more.
The rising prices of raw materials have sent the costs of manufacturing coins soaring, adding nearly a full cent to the cost of producing each penny.
Thus, it now costs more than 2.5 cents to mint and distribute each penny coin.
We made 5.5 billion pennies. Thus the treasury lost $92.7 million on them.
Making a nickel now costs more than 10 cents. 
It rose from 7.42 cents in 2020 to 10.41 cents in 2022. 
The mint produced 1.4 billion nickels in 2022, with a total face value of about $72 million.
Manufacturing cost about $150 million, resulting in a net loss of about $78 million.

Just Another Day.

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